Tower of Terror incident


You all know how the story goes to the tower of terror. The tower gets struck by lightening and the group of people in the certain eleveator at that time get stuck in the twilight zone right…well a few years back when Disney first started selling teh magic momenets pins to the public( they lit up on certain rides if it was considered a magic moment) well…we were on the tower of terror at the top with my cousins and uncle and it was storming that day (like usual) and so we were at the top of the ride when it got struck by lightening…so the tower overlaoded and shut down so we were stuck up there as an eary voice comes on the PA saying … one moment please the ride has stopped momentarily… and so we waited and my cousin who is like 9 is asking “is this part of the ride daddy” and so we were all kidna freaking out and then our little pins went off suggesting it was a magic moment…and so we were all freaking out at the top of the tower no one knew how far we were until falling over the edge and so we waited and waited until a guy screamed from the back “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE OMG” and that lightened everyone up…so eventually the ride started up again and no one was shocked for the fall…and so when we got to the bottom we were offered no wait lines into the front of the line…i then took my chances on the rock’n rollar coaster


That’s an interesting story. I’m sure it doesn’t happen that often but I’m sorry it did to you! :slight_smile:


but ti was a rush


Haha I bet! But it’s great that you got through it!


That’s a very cool story…but what are magical moments pins?


That is cool! Glad to hear you didn’t end up in the twilight zone!


Very cool story. :happy:

Prezcatz Paul


My son has one- it is a large pin (with a battery) that would light up at different times in different parks. I don’t recall when or where, sorry. There were a few designs- his is of the Sorcerer’s Hat. The cover is plastic and scratched very easily-I’m not even sure where it is, or I’d take a picture. I’ll ask him tomorrow.

Getting back to the subject here, I would have died if I was stuck on ToT!


We’ve gotten stuck on TOT before. It was during our 2004 trip. I had read that they had changed up the ride so that there were different scenarios. When it got stuck, I thought wow. This is really cool. They are building the suspense. People were screaming that they wanted off and my DD started to freak out. After several minutes, they came on and told us they were having technical difficulties. It was pretty neat, we got a behind the scenes tour of TOT as we walked back down. Then, we got put on the next elevator on the other side that was still working.


Wow, that must have been a long walk!


I must admit, a free ‘backstage tour’ sounds kinda neat…especially riding afterwards.

A CM told me one time that ToT actually breaks down quite often because anytime something falls in the tracks, the ride must be stopped so it can be located.


This is one of a few rides I will NOT ride. But I am happy you all enjoy it!


I would have been so scared, I don’t like rides!!


If I had to get stuck on an attraction, I think the top of ToT would be cool. Of course it’s easy to say that now, I’d probably be scared if I was up there stuck though.


Wow, those pins sound really, relaly cool! I have never heard about them before!


Hey, that does sound cool. A bird’s eye view long enough to take lots of pictures, and a special backstage tour!


Your story had me laughing out loud. Being stuck in an elevator with a bunch of strangers sure sounds like a magical moment to me. :laugh: :laugh:


They were cool. I don’t believe they have them anymore. They were part of one of the celebrations several years back. They would interact at certain attractions, parades, and night time shows. I believe it was during 2000 that these were available.


I know they had those pins when we were there in 2002 for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration. We bought DD one, but she lost it while we were on that trip.


I have a Magical Moments pin, the pin illuminated at ‘Magical spots’ around all the four theme parks- I have included a picture of one that we kept sealed as a collectable. (hope you can see it OK)