Town Car/Limo Tip - Carseats


I’m not going to name names, but a tip for all that use a town car or limo service and have children in car seats.

PLEASE, before you put your child in the car seat, check to make sure it is properly installed. I know that there are a thousand things running through your head at that moment, excitement, anticipation, etc.

I put my 4 year old in the car seat on our last trip, adjusted the harnesses, etc. only to find as we were getting out that the car seat was not buckled. It was just placed on the seat of the van. I shudder to think of the unthinkable if something had gone wrong on that ride.

BTW, it was properly installed on the way back to the airport!!!


When my kids were little, I always checked car seats, and installed them personally. BTW, if you get into a taxi in NYC with a car seat, the driver will give you really evil looks while you take the time to install the seat properly!