Town of celebration


Is this the town that was Disneys affiliated. If so, does anyone know anything about it?


Yes, Celebratiion is the town that the Walt Disney Company developed. I don’t know very much about, but here is the wikipedia article. Personally, I’m fascinated by it! :happy:
Celebration, Florida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I had a stay in their hospital. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Stepford Wives then you’ll have an idea what Celebration is like. I found it kind of strange, almost perfect, unlike almost any other district I have ever been in. The hospital was amazing but surreal. I know I am not the only MB member with this view, but there are others who think it’s delightful and it is, but odd, almost Utopian, all the same.


i thought it was creepy too. but i’ll tell you what, that is by far the best hospital i’ve had to go to. we had to take nina there to get her head stitched up and i just thought it was awesome. the only issue i had was the doctor didn’t have too much patience with the fact that my kids and the kids in the “room” next to us were being kids (and kinda loud). but that just actually took away the creep factor lol!


I have to agree, the best hospital I too have ever been in! But I hear what you’re saying about the kids, we kind of felt that too, my DH and DD were flicking though tv channels and we got some very disapproving stares- obviously not done in Stepford!!:laugh:


I want to live there. I really do. I almost put in for a teaching job at their high school right after I got out of college in 2004. I thought that it would be amazing to live and work there. I still do. I guess that makes me a Stepford, right?


Hey,no offence meant, its a light hearted view not intended to upset or offend its just from personal experience, we look at life like this- its different strokes for different folks! Wouldn’t do if we were all the same.
I hope you’ll be very happy there -just wouldn’t work living, or working there for us:laugh:


There are a few books on Amazon. There are used ones for less than a dollar.


i always told my dh i wanted to live there. i actually looked into it and read a lot about how the conditions of the houses there aren’t good. lots of stories of bad foundations because they apparently rushed to complete the town:( that’s really what turned me off to the area:( all that money to have your house fall apart…


Thanks All!


Going through there in February there were MANY houses for sale.