Town Twinning Swindon


Howtrue is the story than ran in the U.K Daily Mail 12/08/2009 about W.D.W being “TWINNED” with Swindon inWilts UK. Does any one believe that a exhibition will be running at EPCOT next Year?
Will be interesting to see what Swindon is all about!
Any thoughts out there?:cool:


Apparently yes it is true- Swindon beat off 24 other towns to be officially ‘twinned’ with WDW!
Can’t see any similarity at all between the two and as far as I know Swindon doesn’t have a great deal to offer- certainly not in comparison with the World- still, it must have something to have won the title…interesting, Polly any thoughts???


I’ve got nothing but a suggestion that a moderator move this over to the Theme Park forum. It seems to involve Epcot.
And if somebody has a link to some British newspaper articles about this, could you post them in this thread as well?
I’m curious.


There are several reports in British papers- all credible and reputable publications too I may add. See below:

Twinned: Walt Disney World and Swindon | UK news |


Here’s another link to the BBC news reporting this- there is also rucks of stuff about this on Google- it’s quite a coup for Swindon!

BBC News - Walt Disney World to become twin town of Swindon


Thanks guys couldn’t believe myself. What is the connection?
I know where I would rather spend my holiday time. Does it mean Mickey et al will be visiting Swindon as part of the twinning .


I’m confused completely! haha Can anyone explain what this means?


I read the article and I am still baffled.


There was some discussion about this over on Some guys girlfriend entered a video contest where she showed them how her city was similar to WDW… Well, she won the contest, and gets to go to WDW to unveil a plaque… Not a big deal, but another reason to keep WDW in the news for positive reasons… I think that there is not much to it…other than that.


I think here is a link to the video…

Rebecca from Swindon | Walt Disney World Twinned Town


Ummmmmm I am still completely baffled by this. Swindon has no real similarity to WDW at all so why this ‘twinning’ took hold I’ll never know! Wiltshire is a llovely county but aside from that…huh?-Is all I can muster! Personally I think WDW should be twinned with mine and Dixie’s own homes with the stuff we own! LOL. That would make more sense eh Karen?!? :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I’m glad I’m not the only one! hahaha