Toy Story 3 - 2010?


Just came accross an article about a possible release of 2010 for Toy Story 3.

This article (wether its true or not) is imfomative about what was ‘quoted’ to have happened during the Michael Eisner era.

Very interesting indeed!! Enjoy

‘Toy’'s Out of the Attic | Toy Story | Movie News | Movies | Entertainment Weekly



Wow! Very interesting. Thanks for the information.


I can’t wait…


Actually, from what I heard about six months ago (on IMDB) Toy Story 3 was supposed to be 2009 after Wall-E. But, they took that info off their page rather quickly. Honestly, I’m rather disapointed about a Toy Story 3. The second TS was actually my favorite. I just wish they’d do something different as Cars, Ratatouille, Nemo and Monsters were overall better films that the TS series… …at least in my opinion. With that said, I’ll definitely see it in the theater and buy it on Blu-ray when it releases to home video.


I have to agree with you.


wow, fab info and reading. I hope it is true. Our DD adores the Toy Story movies.