Toy Story 3


I know that this movie comes out on Friday June 18th…for a Disney movie premiere (especially this one), will there be any special events anywhere???


Not that I’d be able to attend one that time of year, but I’d think there’d be some kind of event. I’m sure if there is one, we’ll find out rather quickly!!


Maybe not so much a special event, but what we like to do for some of these premieres is have the characters “attend” the premiere at AMC Pleasure Island. We did it for the Incredibles. Now that the villain from TS3, Lotso, will be doing meet and greets pretty soon, I’m sure he’d like to be at the film premiere.


That would be great!!! :happy:


That would be so cool for any child…maybe an adult or two too.:blush:


I know I would love it! Wish I could be there. Why must I be forced to work for a living?! Why can I not be independently wealthy?:crying:


well it has been a while siecne we where “behind the backs” of the humans seeing what toys do when where not around i have seen the making of 3 and it looks very “dirty” as in not a well thought of movie mainly it’s about “get back to andy” as they try to escape from day care which they make it look like it’s prison