Toy story breakfast?


Will they be having one? I would really like to know. I was off line for a while and am out of the loop. thanks…


Sorry Tink but the Pixar character meal fell through. Right now at Hollywood and Vine there’s a Playhouse Disney character meal going on. That doesn’t mean the breakfast won’t happen eventually, just not right now.


Thanks for the info… I have been out of the loop for some time…


Playhouse Disney kinda seems like it’s taking over. :dry: They were even playing that music when DH was on hold with Disney today. Oh well!


I know we’re not in the majority here, but with a 2 1/2 year old, playhouse disney pretty much rule our home! As much as we would have loved a TS meal, PD is just great with us!


I will stick to Chef Mickeys… Thanks guys!!!


That’s the issue: it caters to a small percentage of guests. Toy Story would have had universal appeal.


I’m sure Playhouse Disney will be much more prominent in our home once baby’s born and hits toddler stage…but for the moment, we are Playhouse Disney-clueless. :blink: (I do think the show is cute though, I try to see it once a trip!)


We LOVE PD here. Every morning, starting at 6:30am, we watch the Wiggles, Higgleytown Heros, Little Einsteins, Doodlebops, and JoJo’s Circus. Not big on the Doodlebops, and I wish they’d get rid of “This is Daniel Cook”… But other than that, we love them. I can’t tell you what would happen if we ever got to have breakfast with the Wiggles. We went to a Wiggles concert here in May, and I thought my boys would go NUTS! Well, Jonathan, anyway. Jordan didn’t act all that excited until we left–and then he wouldn’t shut up about going.

So, I’m thinking a breakfast with them would be nice.

Although–I’d LOVE to have breakfast with Toy Story characters, The Incredibles, Bugs Life, Nemo, etc. Any of the Pixar guys. It’s kinda hard to have breakfast with the Cars, though. Although—wouldn’t it be cool to be able to eat IN them, like you do at SciFi?


SAME HERE!!:laugh:


We are in the same boat as you PP. Our DD is mad keen on all Playhouse Disney things and it plays a major role in our home and she will just be on cloud nine when she gets to dine with the characters.

She also loves Toy Story and Monsters Inc though so I am sure that she would have liked that if it had come through…as would I. I do think it is a shame for those who don’t like PLayhouse Disney, i really do, but for purely selfish reasons I personally am chuffed about the PD dining.


That’s always been my thinking, the age span is so small for these characters. Once kids start school I think they are about grown out of it and ready to move on. Pixar characters would be popular for all age groups from preschool age through adult.


I wanna see Mr. Potato head


Me too!!:happy:


But only if we can take him apart, shove the pieces in his butt, and take new ones out to use on him…

I’m kidding.
OK, maybe not.
But maybe so.
I’ll let you decide.


Umm, I think I’m kinda grossed out at that mental image…definately not breakfast entertainment!


I know my two and a half year old would much rather see Buzz and Woody than JoJo and Goliath. I was sad to see this fall thru too.


I really wanted this for my own selfish reasons. But I’d have been willing to share with everyone.