Toy Story Character breakfast


The rumors are still flying, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

I have read everything from “they will begin taking ADRs as of March 1st” to “they know nothing about a new character breakfast”.

Last time I called the CM told me to keep checking, but she didn’t know anything about it.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

I’ll update here is I find anything out.


ooooh…please let us know what you hear. I’d love to squeeze this in on our April trip!


I have also read March 1st as the first booking date. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one, my DS will love it.


I still laugh at how little Disney employees know about the company they work for. Isn’t the Internet a beautiful thing.


Have you all heard where? I’m assuming MGM at Hollywood & Vine?? Breakfast only?

If they start booking March 1, when would you think they’d open?

We are going March 14-21. We booked a dinner at CRT for DD, and my DS would looooove a character meal with Buddy & Wuz (2 year old speak)! I called last week to book CRT and I asked specifically about Toy Story character meals, and the lady told me there were none. But then again, she thought CRT was in EPCOT.

Since we can’t get solid answers, we may as well speculate together!!!



I hope it is open by May would love to squeeze a Toy Story Breakfast into my trip.


The rumors are mostly on disney discussion forms. Some of the news comes from people who do work at WDW.

Supposedly it’s breakfast only at Hollywood & Vine, called breakfast & beyond.
I’d say if they start booking March 1st, they actualy breakfast would start April 1st maybe?


I’ve heard… erm… rumors :wink: about H & V having an adventurer character meal.

But I promised the person (who would definitely know) not to tell.



I’ve heard… erm… rumors :wink: about H & V having an adventurer character meal.

But I promised the person (who would definitely know) not to tell.



There was a job posting on the Disney web site for a Green Army Man face character for a character meal a couple of months ago. That really got the rumors started.

I have heard April 1st as the starting date.


I have also read rumors that thsi is all a hoax too

so who knows?


I think this is just what MGM needs, it will be great and get more people into the park early in the morning.

Now all MGM needs is the Indiana Jones RIDE from DL and GMR update :tongue:


April 1st as the starting date? April Fools Day??

Maybe it was all a hoax afterall. Too bad if it is, it would make a lot of people happy.


It better not be a hoax! That would be so keen… :heart:


You are SOOOOOO right. My FIL and MIL both work for WDW, and it seems like I’m telling them about stuff most of the time. My FIL works at AK and actually worked on Kilamanjaro Safaris for about 4 years. Last Dec we went to AK and the plan was to go get a FP for the safari and my FIL starts walking towards Dinoland… :laugh:

I think the Toy Story breakfast would be cool, but I think a “Hero” breakfast would be even better. They could have Buzz, Mr. Incredible, Peter Pan, etc. Kinda the boys version of the Princess breakfast…


Tarzan would be a great addition for the Hero breakfast! :wink:



You people want to know the truth?! Can you handle the truth?! Alrighty then, listen (and by listen I mean read) up!

I can beyond a shadow of a doubt confirm the rumors because I auditioned to help Sarge for this breakfast.

It’s going to be called “To Breakfast and Beyond!” It will be a breakfast only deal at Hollywood and Vine. Due to all of the princess breakfasts, it’s time for a more boy-oriented breakfast. Enter these guys. Way it’s going to work, Sarge, the leader of the Green Army Men toys in Toy Story will lead a character breakfast where people will meet and greet with not just Woody and Buzz, but Mr. Incredible and Frozone! There will also be another Green Army Man to assist Sarge as he does his performance.

It’s set to start at the beginning of next month. Not 100% sure of March 1st, but very probable. So get ready. To Breakfast…AND BEYOND!!!


Rowdy, you are DA MAN!!! Thanks for the info…


Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo - we LOVE you Rowdy!!!


Sounds a little light with Manly Boy-oriented characters though . . . Peter Pan would be a nice addition as would Mike and Sully or even Chicken Little. I mean we are talking heros these guys have also saved lives!?

The Green Army men were cool but Sarge would be enough.