Toy Story Maina Down :(


We are here at WDW and can not get on the ride. :frown: We have waited twice now in the line and each time the ride breaks down and everyone has to exit the area. We even made it inside once and got some pictures of the line inside but can not manage to get on the ride. The CM’s said that this is the third time today they have had to shut it down. I sure hope we can ride it tomorrow otherwise we are not going to get to see it this trip and I will be very disappointed! :crying:


Oh no! :crying: I hate those glitches in new rides…I hope they get it figured out soon so you can ride it before you leave!! That’s always such a bummer when the new ones keep breaking down.


Oh, I hope you get on it!! It would be a shame to miss it!! Good luck and keep us posted.


We may need some good luck and a little Pixie Dust! :laugh:


[B][I]Good luck and

~~~~LOTS OF PIXIE DUST!!!~~~~[/I][/B] :biggrin:


oh goodness. I hope they get it fixed for you. Good luck


Sorry to hear that… My family (including GoodeGirl2007) and I are here and got on the ride yesterday. Its pretty neat and I hope you have a chance to get on it. Maybe they’ll extend the preview a day or two because of the glitches.

Maybe we’ll see you here…


bummer hope you have gotten to see it


Sorry to hear that, Renee
You will just have to book another trip a little sooner than you thought :blush:


Oh my, oh my! It sounds like it’s a very technologically sensitive ride! MUCH PIXIE DUST that you get on real soon!


I hope it gets up and working for ya.


Here’s hoping you get on soon! Can’t wait to see your pictures.


You guys so need to ride this so we can get a report on it.

I’m sending pixie dust to get this thing working.


Bummer–Guess you’ll have to plan another trip. :wink:


Ohh!! I hope it’s up and working for you!!!

And…please let them know they have less than 25 days to work out the kinks until I get there because I totally want to ride!


We rode, we rode . . . . Saturday around 2pm!!

What can I say???

IT WAS AWESOME!!! WE :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: IT!!!

I hope you got to ride it too?

I’ll post all my comments and PICTURES in my TR . . . just got in from WDW and I’m sooooooooo tired!!


We will be there all day tomorrow, I need to ride this ride!


Ok, crossing my fingers that this will work. It has to work!


Yes you do!! And it makes it really fun if you have a little contest with your riding partner . . . my friend Kerrie and I were laughing so hard.

My DD 8 said it’s her new FAVORITE ride . . . we were told the wait would be an hour, but we got on in about 40 minutes . . . once you get INSIDE it’s A/C so waiting is not too bad PLUS the eye candy is GREAT!!

WAIT for it, don’t let the long line turn u away!! It’s SO WORTH IT!!!

ENJOY!!! :laugh:


They had a lot of these types of kinks/glitches when Buzz Lightyear first opened (at least at DL), but they resolved themselves quickly. I’m crossing my fingers that the same is true with TSM!

I really hope they have it up and running for you tomorrow!