Toy Story Mania and Evening Extra Magic Hours


Can anyone give me an idea of wait times for TSM during EMH? Do they make Fastpasses available for that time?


Last time I was there they did reopen the fastpass for EMH. But, we find if we just go like the last 10 minutes of EMH, you can get on the line and see all the cute stuff including Mr. Potato head, which you miss with a fastpass . . . you’ll have to wait 10-15 minutes, but it’s worth it.


Hey GOOD question! I never thought of that. So they end “regular” FP when the park closes so offsites can’t get them and then re-open the line?
It would seem that you wouldn’t need a FP at EMH or is it that bad?

We have missed TSM 3 times because I misjudged the FP line and them they sold out.
Whoops! This time I promissed to to get them. :slight_smile:


Depending on the crowd levels. During EMH they will reopen fp, if the levels are low they will not. This is still the MUST DO ride even during EMH.


We have only been on TSM first thing in the morning. Any other time, the line has been outside the building or fast passes are either for late in the day or sold out. Never tried evening MH at the Studios. We may try it in a few weeks!


Be aware, though, that when they do open the fastpass machines at EMH, its only for a very short time frame! I like Mickeysgirlz advice about doing it at the very end of the evening.


It’s always that bad!