Toy Story Mania! - Closed for Refurbishment


Just saw this on the Disney site!

Sorry to disappoint anyone: :eek:

Toy Story Mania! - Closed for Refurbishment
[ Monday, August 16 - Saturday, August 28 ]


Maybe they are fixing the wallpaper (or paint) on the walls in the line. They looked awful a few months after it opened-inexusable imo. (Plus, people would not stop picking on it…)


yeah I saw that. One lil boy that looked about 8-9 was pulling it off while mom (I presume) stood there and said “Oh” while laughing. DD turned to me and said “mom, if that were us you’d wring our necks…some people!!!” I’m so proud of DD :angel:


I am glad I got a chance to ride it. It is a really cool ride but definitely difficult to ride if you don’t have a fastpass.


We saw that closing a couple of weeks ago, so we added a day to our hopper, and we’re going down a day early with a room only reservation for one night so we don’t lose our free dining. I know that’s probably silly, but we added a day to our tickets for a minimal fee, and that way we don’t miss out on a favorite.:happy:


Missy mouse- glad you could do that. Have fun!


It’s a mandatory 2-week closing, to put in the new system that has new games and make sure all the other cars are still up to safety standards.


:sad::pinch::sad: won’t be able to ride it when we go down


Thanks for the info Rowdy. I always appreciate the inside info! :slight_smile:


At least it will be all shiny and fresh for when we arrive in Sept!


I feel bad for anyone that will miss it. It’s one of our favorites!

Thank goodness it opens the day after we get there. PHEW!!!


:happy: Thanks! Yes, I have a great DH!:heart:


:sad: so so so disappointed my family and I were just talking about how much we like this ride. We will be there during the closure. 9 days and counting.


Perfect! It’ll open just in time for us!:happy:




HUGS!! Sorry about that. I’m sure you will have a fabulous trip!!


We added a day to our trip and I am driving straight back home in one day so that we could go on the 29th. I sure hope it is worth it.


Opens up for our stay too thank goodness.


I remember we missed being able to go on Spaceship Earth during its last refurb. I was a raving, drooling lunatic leading up to the weeks before we left for Disney. :mad:

SE is far and away my favorite ride.


Any chance that they may get the work done earlier and open it back up before the stated date?