Toy Story Mania Game Coming to the Nintendo Wii


[B]VERY COOL!! :wub:[/B]

Have you played Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s California Adventure and wished that you could play again and again and again without having to wait in line? Looks like that dream may be coming true, at least a little bit…


[B]Disney Interactive Studios today announced Toy Story Mania!, inspired by the Disney/Pixar animated feature “Toy Story,” will be released exclusively for the Wii™ home video game console this fall.[/B] Toy Story Mania! showcases an array of entertaining games based on the new Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort attractions, while featuring the iconic characters and humor from the popular Disney/Pixar “Toy Story” franchise.

“The ‘Toy Story’ franchise is a fun, dynamic and heart-warming series containing characters and themes that connect with every age group,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. “Toy Story Mania! combines those popular elements with the unique antics of the new theme park attraction for the ultimate in family entertainment.”

In Toy Story Mania!, players experience the fast-paced, zany fun of the Toy Story Mania! theme park attraction, which is an interactive experience requiring 3D glasses and involving rapid or quick-firing shooting galleries. In addition to galleries adapted from the attraction, the game includes new and original galleries and a series of mini games, all hosted by beloved characters from the movies. The thematically-connected levels are designed for up to four players of all ages with competitive and co-operative multiplayer options. Toy Story Mania! also includes bonus 3D features, transforming the game experience with eye-popping visuals.

The Pixar-created “Toy Story” and ”Toy Story 2” have both had successful box office and DVD sales. The Disney Digital 3D™ theatrical re-release of “Toy Story” is in the works and will open in theatres on October 2, 2009, followed by the 3D re-release of “Toy Story 2” opening on February 12, 2010, leading up to the premiere of “Toy Story 3” in 3D summer 2010. Toy Story Mania! is the first video game to place characters from these films into a carnival game setting and is expected to resonate with fans of the films and the attraction, as well as gamers who like pick-up-and-play party games.

No word as to what style of 3D glasses will be used. Traditionally, home 3D movies have required red/blue anaglyph glasses, though lately yellow/blue have become popular. The yellow/blue anaglyph glasses were used during the last Super Bowl to see a trailer for Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D and subsequently an episode of NBC’s Chuck. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly also came with a pair of yellow/blue glasses and an assortment of 3D images inside the issue, including one from Toy Story.

If the Wii version of Toy Story Mania! does use colored glasses, the image won’t be nearly as lifelike as in the attraction, but will certainly be an adequate home substitute… and it certainly beats actually breaking your mom’s best china with baseballs.

Here is the link: Toy Story Mania Game Coming to the Nintendo Wii and in 3D! - distant creations


Wow! I love Toy Story MIDWAY Mania at DCA!! I cant wait, I dont personally own a Wii, but I would totally buy one just for that game (well maybe not :wink: )! Thanks for sharing the info! I think I saw something about this on The HUB, but didnt pay much attention to it, haha.


Wii is SO FUN! I’m not a video gamer . . . but I :heart: the wii!


haha I know! Ive played it before and Just LOVE it! I just cant really afford to buy one right now nor do I really have the time to play it between work and other thing, hmph :tongue:


Wow sounds like i will be buying a new game for the Wii.


Sounds like fun. I better tell DH we need to get this when it comes out.


we had an original nintendo for the house many years ago. tim was nevr into games like that. i see i am going to have to work on him and buy him one. e loved tsm and ould love to play it every day at home. wii here we come!


I guess I know what I’ll be getting the kids for Christmas. I just hope the 3-D is OK. I have not been very impressed with the red/blue or the yellow/green. We’ll see what they come up with.

Thanks for the link and the info mickeysgirlz.


I can’t wait for fall. I love wii and I love TSM even more. Last year we were the first in line for the ride and noticed the cast members name tag said she was from the same little town we are from. After we went on the ride we got fastpasses and when we came back, the cm remembered us and let us keep our FP to ride FIVE times in a row. Just a little something the CM did to make our day, we became addicted to the attraction and now we will be the first in line to buy the game.

Thanks for sharing the info.


I can’t wait for that! TSM was amazingggg. The line was sooo long all last Sept though that we only went on once, the last day! haha. But still I think it was great! I like it better the Buzz’s ride, because I’m better at TSM… haha. My dad always max’s out the point counter on Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin! haha.

Thanks for sharing the news!


By the looks of these response alone, this one is going to be hard to get your hands on! :laugh::laugh:


[QUOTE=timkelmom;947207]I guess I know what I’ll be getting the kids for Christmas. I just hope the 3-D is OK. I have not been very impressed with the red/blue or the yellow/green. We’ll see what they come up with.

Thanks for the link and the info mickeysgirlz.[/QUOTE]

I think they should not bother with the 3D . . . without the blasts of air, squirting water, what difference does 2D/3D. . . I don’t think you need it.


:simba::cheshire::goofybounce: How cool is that? Ds will surely ask for that at Christmas time! Better get it early, bet it will be a sell out!


Anybody selling a cheap Wii?:laugh:


My 10 year old is excited, this is exactly the type of game he loves.


This sounds like a lot fun.
Thanks for the heads up!


Ok, first of all, yippee!:laugh: I love the Wii and TSM
but, even cooler-I can’t wait for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to be on the big screen in 3D! How cool is that?? So excited


I feel like racing over to GameStop to plunk down my $5 hold fee so I can get one on the first day!
TSM is one of the best rides at WDW, and it sounds like it will be great on Wii.


Too cool! Makes me want to buy a Wii! :laugh: