Toy Story Mania Preview


Yesterday, my DD and DSIL came over for a family BBQ. At dinner, Ricky (DSIL), who now works the maintenance graveyard shift at DCA, told us that they were able to do a ride through (twice!!) of the new Toy Story Mania attraction. He said it is a very cool, interactive, 3D ride. Each of the cars has a controller (kind of like the Buzz ride) and there are six or seven ride stops in different areas where you are able to try your hand at various carnival-type games. In one area, you shoot darts at balloons. In another area, you try to toss rings over the little green aliens. It sounds like this will be a blast. I believe the cast preview of this attraction is scheduled within the next couple of weeks and then it’s scheduled to open to the public June 17. Another reason to hit DLR this summer!


That sounds like fun. I am curious why Disney doesn;t showcase other movies. Example; Buzz & Toy Story; Nemo show in AK & Turtle Talk, etc. Why not something with the Incredibles, Ratatuiolle, Cars,and all the others?


Very cool! Although…June 17th!!:pinch: I was hoping for a much earlier opening!:closedeye


Sounds like great fun!


Awesome! I can’t wait to ride it myself.