Toy Story Mania question


:goofy: Hi everyone! Does anyone know when Toy Story Mania might open at CA? I am hoping against all odds that it will open at the end of this month in time for our trip! Thanks!


So far they are saying Summer 2008.


I have read soft openings in late spring with opening in Mid June.
Sorry!! I am hoping they get it going sooner!


Just had a chance to look in an AP holder’s newsletter, and the photos are fantastic! It did say this summer was the planned opening, but people have been in it already trying it out, lucky devils!


oooo, maybe it will be opened sooner. I am hoping!!!


I believe the one in DCA at the Disneyland Resort will not open until summer of 2008…may be early summer. It didn’t look anywhere near done this past weekend.


Yeah, I haven’t heard any rumors of early openings but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. They are reporting “Summer 2008” which in my opinion & previous experience might be as soon as early June. :smile:


June 2008.



The Pier Area opens up the weekend of March 14th, Ill be there that weekend. As of right now, the main opening dates with all the press junk is happening around the time of June 13th with possible soft openings and possible AP Previews in May, as early as April for CMs. Thats the plan as of now.