Toy Story Midway Mania to receive a new game sequence


I read on Micechat that due to Toy Story 3 coming out, the ride will receive a new game sequence involving one of the characters in the up and coming movie. It’s gonna be called “Rex & Trixies’s Dino Darts.” It will be replacing the Bo Peeps Baa Loon sequence. Apparently it is going to have the same concept.


That is a relatively easy way to keep the ride fresh. This keeps excitement up about the ride. Everyone will want to ride the new version.

I wonder how much longer the ride line will be…


sounds like fun


From a previous thread I had started it seems that the Imagineers have been working on a quick change for Toy Story Mania and also Buzz Lightyear SRS. They want to be able to change it on the fly overnight and not have any sort of rehab time.