Toy Story Pizza Planet


Do they only serve individual pizzas? I didn’t see regular pizzas on the menu on allears. My best friend is planning on going and wanted to know how the DDP worked if they have regular pizzas. THX!!


here is the menu link for pizza planet Toy Story Pizza Planet Menu - Disney-MGM Studios


i only remember meals - that included individual pizzas. they weren’t awful - i dont remember them being great, but it was really hot that day, so i’m not sure anything would have been great at that point!

the arcade is one that the kids have to pay to play tho - so beware! we just told the girls that we didn’t bring change. they were young and tired enough not to question it.


Yeah, I saw the menu. I just wasn’t sure if it was complete and accurate. So, they only have individual pizzas? No kids menu?


Thanks! My best friend is trying to figure out some CS restaurants for her trip in Sept and with 3 small children (6, 3, 1) pizza is a great option. :slight_smile: I’ll let her know!


i don’t remember a kids menu - they just got what we got. it was a lot of food with salads too - the kids didn’t eat a salad each. we may share this time.


Sharing is exactly what I was thinking. :slight_smile:


My kids, who are 11,8 and 3 LOVE Pizza Planet. It is their favorite place to eat at MGM. I think the pizzas are pretty good.We have only gotten individual pizzas there, never seen a big pizza.


My boys like the pizzas there too. Its just a fun place to go, especially for Toy Story fans.:happy:


yes, I only remember individual pizzas too with salads? And, my kids liking the theme of the place.


They only do individual pizzas just like Pizzafari at AK.