Toy Story ride?


Has anyone heard about this and if so when will this happen?

Toy Story Animated Characters Create Fun and Mania In Disney Parks

New Attraction Comes to Florida and California in 2008

It’s the wondrous world of Woody the Cowboy, Buzz Lightyear and Green Army Men. And coming in 2008, guests of Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts get to ride and play inside an energy-filled toybox of fun with the debut on both coasts of “Toy Story Mania.”

Celebrating the Disney-Pixar classics “Toy Story” and “Toy Story II,” “Toy Story Mania” will take the interactive ride-game experience to exciting new heights. High-tech yet rooted in classic midway games of skill, “Toy Story Mania” will match the delightful characters of the films with games that best suit their very animated personalities.

Fun for the whole family, “Toy Story Mania” will immerse guests of Disney-MGM Studios and Disney’s California Adventure into the “Toy Story” world as never before. Donning 3-D glasses, guests shrink to the size of a toy, and hop into fanciful ride vehicles that travel and twist along a colorful midway-themed route. Upon arriving at each game booth, they will aim for animated targets using their own special on-board “toy cannon.”

As guests score points, they will be cheered on by favorite “Toy Story” friends like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Bo Peep and the Little Green Men. Hidden targets garner players extra points and lead to different levels of play. The energy of the characters, the competition with other riders and the hilarious, unpredictable game action make this a unique experience that families will want to try again and again.

The attraction features games that audiences of all ages and skills – from beginner to serious gamer – can enjoy. No matter how many times guests return to ride and play, they can be sure every ride-through will be different. Players pair up and sit side-by-side for a friendly competition that delivers an ever-changing variety of targets and surprises.


haven’t heard anything about it but sure would love it!!!


DS would freak, that would end up being one of his favorites.


Sounds like a re-worked Buzz Lightyear space Ranger Spin with 3-D effects instead of animatronics. Seriously, why hasn’t Disney built or bought an attraction that rivals Men In Black and Spiderman? If Universal did it 7 and 8 years ago, where is WDI already?

On the other hand, I hope they don’t remove anything in either park to make room for this. More rides are always better.


There were rumors but this is the most information I have seen. Can’t wait, it sound like it will be a fun ride. I also agree with Soundgod…where are the big thrill rides?

Thanks for sharing


Toy Story Mania info from January 27, 2007. :smile:

Toy Story Mania ride to take it up a notch - Orlando Sentinel : Business

Toy Story Mania construction photos
Toy Story Mania

*  The new attraction will be placed in the former "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" soundstage along Mickey Avenue at the Disney MGM- Studios.
* Currently under construction, with an opening date of 2008.
* A next generation "Living Character" audio-animatronics figure will be included as part of the pre-show queue area. The 6ft tall Mr Potato head figure will break new ground for an audio-animatronics figure by participating with the audience (similar to Turtle Talk with Crush), and will have the ability to remove body parts (just like the animated Mr Potato Head).
* Each ride vehicle will accommodate 8 guests, with seating in 4 groups of 2.
* Instead of physical sets, the majority of the environment will be a video display system, making use of 3D technologies.
* The ride vehicles will begin by stopping at a training game, to familiarise the riders with the controls. The vehicles will then pass through a number of games, stopping at each to allow for the game play to take place.
* The games are able to automatically adjust the difficulty level to suit the player. This means that beginners and expert players can find the game play rewarding and challenging.
* The game play will vary with every ride, and it also has the ability to constantly change.  Imagineering are not planning to leave the same games in place for the duration of the attractions lifespan. This should really add to the re-ride-ability.
* During the games, the riders will be experiencing 3D imagery, wind effects, vehicle motion, water spray, and smells.
* Each rider has their own toy canon. One of the unique features however, is that the canon will not be limited to being just a regular canon, as it is in Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin by being a laser blaster. In some games it will fire pies, and in another it will be eggs and balls, and in another, a ring tosser.
* Games include midway style ring-toss, dart throwing, ball throwing. Each game booth will be manned by a Toy Story character, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Bo Peep and the Little Green Men.
* The real emphasis on this attraction is taking the hugely successful Buzz Lightyear to the next level, and making an attraction that has huge re-ride capability. You are going to want to ride this over and over again, and the way the attraction can increase difficulty on an individual rider basis, and change game play, will really make this happen.

Oh, right! I forgot they had a Pixar attraction in development for MGM and I think I did hear it was 3-D. I just didn’t make the connection till I read the story.


This summer they will close the Narnia attraction and this fall the VIP room where Mickey meets in his Sorcerer outfit will close to make room for them to work on this ride and have plenty of room for this ride.


Thanks for the info! Will it be open by April 08?


Wow, that’s actually a lot of space. I think this ride sounds like a lot of fun. We like SRS and my DS will absolutely love this ride. I love that it will change and be more challenging as you get better.

Thanks for the update R2G.


I hope this is up for my 08 trip. What ever happend to the TS dining


Since at the time Disney and Pixar were still seperate there was a lot of legalities and they needed a new dining then and there so they went with Play and Dine instead.


Ohh… Thats right! Im sorry I feel like I fell off the rocker for a minute:blink:


I have read about that somewhere a while back. Sounds like a lot of fun.
Rats, that means we have to go back sooner than DH thought he should:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Just came across this, a preview of what is coming up for Toy Story Mania…

Introducing Toy Story Mania!


Oh boy, I hope this is open in June!


I agree! The more the better! I think Disney limits its “thrill rides” cuz they like to stay family friendly! Just my theory . . . and the reason we don’t go to Universal . . . there are only about 10 rides my 2 DDs would go on . . . and that is just not worth admission to me!

Wow that new ride sounds incredible! Can’t wait to try it!! Is there an “Opening Date” planned yet?


Great to see you Alex!!

I hope this ride is open when we go in Late May and early June!!!


i hope that it is opened in Sept I read about it in the unofficial guide it sounds like a fun ride I am sure it will be a favorite with us.


Alex, thanks for the great link. I am so excited to ride it in Sept. The kids really are looking forward to too.