Toy Story Ride!


I just watched the 2008 dvd and I must say, I am soooooooo excited about the new Toy Story ride at the Studios! It looks like it will be great.


Has anyone seen a more specific opening date than just Summer 2008? I would love to know if I’ll be able to ride in June. That would be just too cool.


Me too me too!!!


Right now it’s on track to open in May. There will be a CM preview soon, then an AP holder preview, then the soft opening, then the real opening! As things develop, as always, I’ll keep ya posted, and will also give my review when I get on it.


OMG… Rowdy you just made my day.

I should of known you would have the scoop…

**** a great big hug goes out to Goofy******:wub: :wub: :wub:


Thanks Rowdy! I can’t wait to ride it. I love new stuff!


My DD is so excited for this too! We may have to hit the DHS on the first day just so she can do this! Thanks for the update Rowdy!


As Toy Story is one of our all time favourites this will be on our ‘to do’ list for this year.


Any descriptions? Is it for little kids, big kids, scary, etc?


Thanks for the info . . . can’t wait to see this! :happy:


So cool!!! I can’t wait to ride it!! Thanks for the info Rowdy!!!


Not quite sure of the premise just yet. If you’ve ever been to Islands of Adventure, think that TSM will be a cross between Spider-Man and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin! You’re shrunk to the size of Andy’s toys, and you ride through playing a very cool shoot-em game. The special effects are supposedly among the best in the world, and the technology moving the ride through doesn’t exists hardly anywhere else. It’s Toy Story so you know it won’t be scary and it’ll be for everyone’s enjoyment!!! Man I can’t wait!!!


I have a random question…is this going to be different from - or the same as - the attraction opening in DCA?

One of my CM friends at Disneyland mentioned that the attraction in DCA is going to be 3-D (he works at HISTA and is going to be responsible for washing the 3-D goggles for this new attraction, too.) This info kind of confused me because it sounds different from what’s opening in WDW.


Thanks Rowdy- this really sounds fabulous. Spiderman at US really is one of the best theme park attractions anywhere, so I am really looking forward to our trips to WDW in May and June. Hopefully we’ll get to ride!


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just found this link!


Introducing Toy Story Mania!

this is a better link…


We will be there April 27th through May3 and was told by a close friend that works at disney it will be available to ride most likely mid week.


I can’t wait to ride the Toy Story Ride in Hollywood Studios! I got the name right!


thanks for the link Leslie. I am so looking forward to this ride!


According to the link it is the same ride.