Toy Story Saturdays


I forgot to tell everyone about Toy Story Weekends at the Disney Store.

I just so happened to be at our local mall/Disney Store and when I was greeted I was told that it was Toy Story Saturday till 1 pm and they had a special on all Toy Story Dolls (?) that were $24.99. They were $15.00.

Awesome b/c I was getting something for Ty’s Kindergarten graduation anyway so I got him Buzz.

The cool part was when we were getting ready to leave they were starting Toy Story Bingo and Ty got to play. They played 3 rounds and the child that won “won something for everyone”. Ty never called Bingo but went home with an Alien cut-out toy, a TS3 book mark and TS3 stickers. They were also allowed to keep the bingo sheet!

But the really cool part is that this is taking place EVERY Saturday in June and they have a different activity every week. So next week they are having a TS3 Scavenger Hunt! And they will have a new special also. Ty is dying to go back.

I said sure, it just gives me another reason to shop at the Disney Store! :blush:



We no longer have any Disney Stores near me. They closed the one at Opry Mills (before the flooding), Chattanooga, and Franklin (Cool Springs), TN. BOOHOO!!!. I was sad about this. It gave me my Disney Fix between visits. The nearest one to us now is the Outlets in Pigeon Forge, TN, because I don’t know if the Knoxville Disney Stores are still open. I will look this weekend when we go to Knoxville to see Toy Story 3 in IMAX 3D. We have to go there because the IMAX 3D in Nashville at Opry Mills was flooded last month with OPryland hotel and it still has not reopened and we have no date on when it will open, and my daughter said she has to see it in IMAX 3D, so we will drive to see it there.


When we were at the disney store a week ago (during the week) the Toy story Stuffies (big ones) were $10. I wonder if the ‘specials’ are the same at all the stores??