TR - Our first Holiday visit


December 7-13, 2008

Cast of Characters:
DD (6)

This was the first trip ever to WDW for my in-laws.

My parents were meeting us at WL to surprise the kids.

We had planned to leave the house on Dec 7th at 5:30am to pick up my DMIL and DFIL by 5:45am, be on the road by 6:00am and arrive at the airport in plenty of time for our 8:45am flight. But since were supposed to get five inches of snow overnight and it’s about an hour drive to the airport, we decided to be at my in-laws house at 5:00 a.m. just in case the roads were bad.

We arrived at the airport in no time, even with all the extra snow. The snowplow crews did a good job of salting the roads overnight and being that it was so early in the morning, traffic was very low. We got to the airport in no time, went right through security and had about an hour wait prior to our flight. We were in the air on time and actually arrived 20 minutes early into Orlando.


We went directly to the Magical Express check in area and this is what we saw - people, people and more people. These couldn’t all be for the ME, but they were! I said to DH “This is going to take forever”. I think we only waited 15-20 minutes to check in at the ME desk and it was only another 10 minutes after that before we were headed to WL.

Would this be a sign of how crowded the parks would be - YES it would! We booked during the Pop Warner week - which I would NOT recommend ever doing. But we couldn’t change our dates because I already had our flights scheduled and paid for. We did manage to make the best of the trip, even with the HUGE crowds.

Here is a pic of the ME line, it went from one end of the airport to the other. This picture is only half the line:


We finally arrived at WL and checked in but our room wasn’t ready. DMIL and DFIL’s room was ready, so we dropped our carryon luggage in their room. DM and DD were waiting in the lobby to surprise the kids, they’re room wasn’t ready either, so we did a little exploring, went over to check out the DVC lobby, the kids played chess and then we grabbed a snack. Our rooms were finally ready about 3:00pm, so went and took a rest until it was time to head to Kona Cafe for dinner.


We took a boat ride to MK to grab the Monorail to the Polynesian for our dinner at Kona Cafe, I can’t remember what everyone had but I do remember that we all enjoyed our dinners. After dinner we stopped at the GF to check out the Gingerbread House and buy a gingerbread shingle to snack on later, which we discovered would be the worst food during this trip, the shingles tasted like cardboard. Then we headed back to WL for some much needed rest.

Our first full day would be at AK - more on that tomorrow.


I thought it was just me. Just think how many they sell. People probably buy it thinking it has to be the best gingerbread ever- IT IS SO GROSS (and expensive)!!

We were there 11th-14th and although we only went to the parks in the mornings, I never really noticed the crowds. Our waits were very short- I guessed we picked the right parks on the right days!

Great TR, Keep it coming.


Great start with your TR…can’t wait to read more. WOW!!! I have never seen the ME line that long.


Great start to your TR and we were lucky when we went that the ME lines and all the lines in the Parks were short and that’s why we try to go within the first two weeks of December. Can’t wait for more TR:laugh::cool:


Wow!! That was a LONG ME line!! I’ve never seen it that long either!! Can’t wait to read more!!!


What a line!! I think seeing that would have made me just drop my bags in the middle of the concourse. Glad the crowds didn’t affect your trip.


Too bad about the gingerbread! :blow:

My friend works with the Pop Warner something or other . . . :blush: she was there too and said the crowds were CRAZY!

Still sounds like you had a nice trip! Can’t wait to read more.


I am so glad you said that about the gingerbread. I thought it was terrible!


Great start. I, too, bought gingerbread from the GF house and did not enjoy it. It was not fresh and it was hard. This was last year and we bought gingerbread men, but they were not good.

Can’t wait for the rest of the TR.


Our first full day at the parks was AK. DM and DDad are veteran Disney visitors so they decided to sleep in and join us later in the day for lunch, the rest of us headed out early to get to AK and do the Safari before the big crowds hit. We arrived just as the park was opening, went straight to the safari, it was awesome as usual. DS was bummed because his camera stopped working, poor little guy. After the safari the kids wanted to ride Primevil Whirl so we headed in that deirection. This was one ride I wouldn’t be riding (I don’t do well with spinning things) and DFIL wasn’t interested either (that would change later). So DH, DMIL, DD and DS got on and rode, they all loved it and rode again for a second time. Here are a few pics.

We’re headed out to the movies and lunch so I’ll get to more AK later.


GREAT start to the trip. WL is gorgeous during the holidays! I was there Thanksgiving week and it was CROWDED!!! But even with the wall to wall people, it was still magical. :wub:

Can’t wait to hear more!


A lovely TR and great photos too, I would love to hear more about this time of year at WDW so please if you have time do some more TR?