TR - part 1


OK so I am probably not going to get nuts with all the little details but I will skim over the finer points and observations instead.

We arrived to the Beach Club via Quicksilver in the early afternoon ( I would recommend them ) and upon arrival seeing that a ME bus had just pulled up I recommended that my wife go get in line at check-in ahead of them while I took care of the payment to the driver. As I was finishing up I looked over and saw my wife and daughter sitting on a bench and not in line. So I am thinking “oh what the…why aren’t they in line!” so I go over and my wife tells me they told her she had to wait there for me. A few moments later the concierge walks up and greets us and informs us that we are a part of the year of a million dreams and that we were being upgraded to the concierge level:eek:. So that was a VERY cool way to start out.

We settle in and have lunch @ Beaches and Cream…YUMMY! Then we partake of the pool, yet another WOW on that topic as well. Very cool and fun for the whole family. Spent the afternoon there and then got cleaned up for dinner at Marrakesh. Not too bad but glad we had the DDP so that it was not out of our pocket as the price was not on par with the food. The food was not bad but as is so many times the case with resort dining the food does not coincide with the price. Back to the room and early bed.

Day 1 - Animal Kingdom.

head for Killimanjaro Safari 1st thing…5 minute wait but pretty much a walk-on. Great time of the day and the animals were still active. At one point we passed between two girraffes and could have reached out and touched them! After that we head to A Bugs Life. Bad experience for our 5-year old and I would heavily recommend that parents consider this attraction carefully. Our daughter is pretty rough and tumble and this soured her to putting the 3D glasses for anything else including Mickey’s Philharmagic. After that we walk for a while and then have an early lunch at Pizzafari. Good food but the kids choices on the DDP kinda stink and do not include pizza:confused:. After lunch we head to Festival of the Lion King. That was a blast and we all enjoyed the heck out of it! DD was pretty pooped so back to the pool for some R&R then kiddo wanted to go to the kids club so we drop her off and walk to Epcot for dinner at Chefs de France. This was kind of a dissapointment. We both had the duck and felt like it was more like diner food than fine dining. Don’t get me wrong it was not a bad meal but it was not great either.

Day 2- Epcot/MK

Breakfast @ Cape May Cafe…great character meal. Off to Epcot. 10 minute wait for Soarin’ and I loved it, wife was OK after the initial shock wore off (she’s not good with heights), DD was not crazy about it and the scene where you fly through the fireworks was a little much for her but that reaction may have been fallout from the Bugs Life incedent. After that we head to the living seas and cruise there for a bit and then walk on to SE. DD was getting a little low on stamina so we headed to the MK via monorail to perk her up! Lunch at Casey’s (yum!). Made a “B” line to Dumbo as that was her big priority. about a 15 minute wait but we did get there midday so not too bad. Then walk onto the carousel. Next we went to Philharmagic and had a walk on there too. Next over to “It’s a small world” where we waited 5 minutes. 35 minute wait for Peter Pan so we bailed out on that. Walk around for a bit and then back to the pool.

Gonna break away for a bit but I will try to continue the TR before the weekend is over.


Good start on the TR!!! That is so cool about the upgrade. I REALLY want to try Beach Club now that I saw it up close our last trip…and I never thought about the advantage of being able to stroll right up through the international gateway to have meals in the WS, then have a very short trip back to the room!


Sounds like a fun time so far!

Sorry DD5 got scared at bugs life . . . it is a little much for the younger set. There is ALWAYS a baby crying in there!!

Can’t wait to read more . . . oh any pictures? :blush:


Great trip report so far! Sorry to hear about the Bug’s Life incident! Was your DD scared of the 3D effects, or did she just not want to wear the glasses?!


I like it, I like it! So far your TR gets a big thumbs up! When was your trip?

I too am afraid of heights; does your wife think I’ll be OK if I just close my eyes if it gets to be too much? (Some rides it doesn’t matter if you close your eyes or not…) I want to experience it with DH - but don’t want to be ill…



Great start to the TR and what a nice way to start vacation with an upgrade. My DGD didn’t like bugs life the first time we went but loves it now that she’s older.


Enjoy the Beach Club!


Great TR so far. My grandmom jumped out of her seat at bugs life. I gotta say I :heart:bugs life. Cant wait to read some more


Good start. There should always be a few pictures in a trip report :biggrin:


Actually it was the huge Hopper that got her going and then the spiders coming down from the cieling…a little too much for her. Funny since neither had anything to do with the glasses…but in her mind it did.

I’ll probably have to continue the TR tomorrow. How do you add pictures anyway? Do I have to upload them to photobucket or something and then hyperlink to them? I am pretty illiterate at that part of things so just talk me through it and be patient.


You can add them as an attachment on here, except you’ll most likely have to resize each picture. You can also upload them to photobucket or imageshack, then copy/paste the [IMG] code (I know on photobucket it’s marked as for forums). I prefer that option just because there’s no resizing involved.


[QUOTE=Joanscraps;887265]I like it, I like it! So far your TR gets a big thumbs up! When was your trip?

I too am afraid of heights; does your wife think I’ll be OK if I just close my eyes if it gets to be too much? (Some rides it doesn’t matter if you close your eyes or not…) I want to experience it with DH - but don’t want to be ill…


Maybe you can request the bottom row - it is only about 6-10 feet off the ground.

Great report so far!


Sounds good so far…please keep all the “parts” of your trip report in this thread. If you want, I can retitle it for you.


Great TR. My 3 kids hated the spiders from the ceiling. After that my youngest clung to my hip for every show, he was 8 then and it was awfull, he wouldn’t let go not even for the muppets 3-D. So I truly understand.


Nice Upgrade for the YOAMD! That must have made your day. Great TR so far. We’re not fans of Marrakesh at all. Don’t think that we will go back there. There are so many other fabulous places to eat.


Why was your child not able to get pizza on the DDP? We ate there in June and both my kids got pizza on the DDp as they can choose from the entire menu, not just the kids- that is only for counter services. Just wondering if they changed something?!?!?!?



Day 3

Up early and take the bus from BC to MK for rope drop…I love that time of the day at the MK! Stroll down to our ADR at Crystal Palace. Gorge myself on puffed french toast while enjoying the view of the castle. We head off through Adventureland. Walk onto Alladin’s Magic carpets. Then stop by the Tiki room…I was not as dissapointed as the negative reviews had me prepared for but since we walked right in I guess I could understand being bummed over waiting 40-45 minutes for it, but I liked it. Then walk onto the Jungle Cruise. Next over to yet another walk on @ pirates. Love that ride except the cool mist curtain with Davey Jones projected on it was not working and I was bummed on that. Walked for a while and then ducked into Country Bears for a cool off in the AC…I think this scheduled for a makeover and I would agree that it is in need of it but still fun nonetheless. After that DD was running low on gas so…you guessed it, back to the pool! We return to the MK in the afternoon and get through the main gate just before a huge downpour. We headed into main street station and watched the rain from the mezzanine. This is a great place to wait out a rainshower and was not crowded while we were there waiting. After the rain we boarded the train and headed to Mikey’s TTF. Stroll through the various houses and then onto Goofy’s Barnstormer (I like this one and am glad I have a kid which gives me an excuse to ride). Stop on over to Cosmic Ray’s for dinner, very good counter service meal. After languishing there for a while enjoying Sonny we head to the main street circle in front of the castle for Spectromagic. I enjoyed this and it hearkened back to the “Electric Light Parade” I remembered from my first trip back in 1977. After the parade we wait for the crowd to clear and scope out a good spot for “Wishes”. There was a pre-show of fireworks over the seven seas lagoon that evening due to the pyrotechnicians convention. Although it was nice I honestly felt that it encroached on the magic of the Wishes show. The Wishes show didn’t go off until 10:30 for some reason but I suspect it may have been wind issues as all the smoke came towards the crowd and it did not seem like the fireworks lifted quite as high as they usually do. Got back to the hotel around midnight and crashed…so ends day three. I will try to keep up with this TR later this evening.


Sure go ahead…it has been moved to the TR topic so feel free to just tittle it however you like. I will try to get time to top this off sometime today or tomorrow.:closedeye


Sorry to hear that the cool mist curtain with Davey Jones talking to ridegoers was not working!:pinch:

At least you now have a certified “excuse” to have to go back!!:laugh::pirate:

Great trip report so far!!