Trade in Annual Pass?


If I have an unused annual pass, is it returnable? I have had a change of plans and will no longer need the pass and will just need a MYW ticket. Is this possible? Thanks.


How long ago did you purchase it? Do you have an actual AP or a voucher?

I know for sure you can upgrade passes, but I don’t believe you can downgrade to a ticket if you already have an AP.


I’ve never heard of anyone going from and AP to a MYW ticket—I am sorry I can’t help you! Maybe this is a question you could PM Mickey about–he seems to know all the facts!


If you just have the voucher, you might be able to switch it. But if you already have the pass I don’t think you can downgrade it.


I found the answer for my question today. I called ticketing and they said I can downgrade it to a MYW ticket. I just have to bring the voucher with me and then they will credit my account for the difference in the costs.

Thanks for all your help! :mickey: