I have an serious amount of extra traders right now and am looking to sell off some lots of 10. I have 8 lots in total. Price is $25 with shipping inlcuded. First 8 to PM get them. Preferred method of payment is paypal. Pins will be shipped once payment is received.


I have 7 left. Thanks bransworld.


I’m always interested in traders if you have any left.


I still have 7 lots DT. Sent you a pm.

6 left after DT


Not to sound stupid, but what’s a trader?


Traders are trading pins.


Do you have any photos of the pins?



Thank you, Stephanie.


[QUOTE=brit;942522]Do you have any photos of the pins?


Photos? which ones? I have a pile of traders I am trying to get rid of. I guess I can take a picture of them all on my bed or something if that will help.

Speaking of …I only have 5 lots left. I ended up with 9 lots in total. I found a secret stash DD reminded me about…lol Ty DT for taking 3 lots. I am shipping all on Thursday as I am off from work that day.


Here they are…the laynard is filled from one end to the next…is that enough? Do you want a closer pic? Not really sure what you want here Brit. All are official Disney pins. Keep in mind I have removed the sold ones from the picture.


I have 4 lots left.


Bumping this back up. I still have 5 lots left. Price is $2.00 a pin plus five bucks for shipping (postage plus bubble envelope)…trying to sell them here before going to ebay. total price is $25.00 which is more than fair.