I have 60 trader pins for sale. I will sell them in lots of 10 for $15 including shipping. If you would like any please send me a PM.



That’s a great deal! :smile:


Wow Brandon, That is a great deal!!! I wish I knew about this before I purchased my 20 i just got.
I will have to see how many we have all together but that is a super good deal. Man… Im kicking my self for not waiting…


I will pm you! I need some!


Got them! Thanks Brandon! They are terrific!


You are welcome!


Do you have any left?


I thought there were all sold but it appears that it fell through. So i have 10 or 20 left. I can’t remember exactly. I will double check when i get home. But i know i have at least 10 left.


Save them for me, okay? Can you take Paypal, that’s easiest for me; I’ll pay you your fees, if it is a problem. Thanks!


Glad to see the world getting better a pin at a time!! Carry on!:happy:


Got the pins. Great deal. Thanks Brandon