Trading club, not just for pins


Hi everyone! :happy:

We’re going to be starting a Disney trading club in the Eastern Pennsylvania / North Jersey area soon. We will be trading anything Disney. :mickey:

We belonged to the Central Jersey Disney Pin Traders but they seem to have vanished and are looking to start something a little different and maybe even more fun.

We will most likely be holding 1 meet a month at first and are looking to most likely use a local firehouse. We would eventually look into using a hotel atleast once in a while so anyone travelling could just stay the night. We will deffinately trade pins but also collectibles, lithographs, beanies, etc…

We would love to have any input or suggestions from our fellow Buzzers. Let us know if you’re local and would like to join. The more the merrier!

Thanks everybody!


well I sure aint local …but it sounds so great and I hope you keep us updated on how it goes. I cant trade anything disney, because I can’t bear to part with anything I have… that includes napkins from Scifi Dine-In :slight_smile: