Trading for NBC pins and Pin Bag


I am looking for Nightmare pins
Lock Shock Barrel and Zero and Oggie boogie
and a Pin Bag

I am willing to trade 2 or more of my traders for certain pins
if there LE or anything nice or straight up trades as well
for the more common Nightmare pins

so post up pictures of pins you might think i might want if i have a pin or 2 you want
US trades only please.

i have these traders in stock

Also looking to trade pins for a Nightmare pin bag in Good Condition.
Or a Disney Pin bag large size.
Willing to trade a pin lot of 30 pins = value 60$ at 2$ each
Pins are hidden mickeys rack pins and starter pins

also can add
WDW princess set with chasers
for a pin bag. (preferably NEW)


I got my wife a pin bag << a big one :slight_smile:

Still looking for NBC pins
Nightmare before Christmas


still looking more of my traders in stock