Trail End Buffet


We have decided on this restaurant on our first night there. Any feedback on it? I know its a buffet, but that is about it. I have never been to Disney’s Wilderness Campground.


I (personally) LOVE the place! They have the best Chili and cornbread. Arrive a litle early so you can sit on the porch and rock in the chairs, maybe watch a peacock or two while the kids play on the play ground which is right next door. It is also close to the General Store which I enjoy going in and looking around. If you can, take a boat there from the MK. I enjoy that much more than a bus from the TTC.

Here is a link to the menu: Trail’s End Buffet - Fort Wilderness

I think you can make ADR’s here now (used to not be able to, but we were able to on our 2005 trip, so I’m assuming they still do this)

Have fun, your trip is almost here!!!


We ate there in April…you can make adrs there. We loved it but wish they had a bigger dessert variety!!


It is very, very good. Our kids liked it because the food in very basic and that is what they like. Overall, a great value.


As frequent FW visitors, I can say that you will love Trail’s End. I agree with BDavis, they have the yummiest cornbread and chili. They have ribs, shrimp, a carving station, and many seasonally wonderful dishes.

There are plenty of choices for adults and children alike. You eat on metal plates and drink from mason jars. The food is fresh and tasty.

For dessert they have really yummy bread pudding.

I think, you’re going to like it a lot.


Unfortunately, the peacocks are no longer at FW. They had to be removed because they got a little too aggressive. However, don’t let that stop you from looking around FW.


Ahhhh, I LOVE TRail’s End!!! If you are going there for breakfast it’s my FAVORITE breakfast place in all of WDW besides Boma! If you are going there for dinner I have one word… chili!!!

You never really used to need one but I think it’s growing in popularity so I’d make an ADr just in case.


Oh NO! We always loved to look around for the albino one!!
Well, you can always walk over to the horse stables and see the Main Street horses.


I have never been to Trail’s End, never even been to FW… but I have heard nothing but great reports about Trail’s End. Someone on here, I can’t remember who, is a total Trail’s End fanatic…

And bdavis… hope this helps a little:


What a great shot!! Just beautiful!!!



Trail’s End is wonderful. When we stay at Wilderness Lodge we walk the mile trail over there. They have wonderful food. A great selection something for everyone.
We plan to eat there in January.


We do the same. I love just walking on that trail. Plan on eating there in December when we stay at VWL!:cool:


We are staying VWL too the end of January. We are looking forward to the walk to Trails End.


We make a special trip to Fort Wilderness JUST to eat at Trails End. Whole family LOVES it! They have great chicken!!! You can either do the buffet or place an order. (Whole Pizza, Etc.) Did not know this until last trip, when the table next to us order only pizza’s. They have a full service bar also.


good food and prices we love it here


I love Trails End! We get breakfast there at least once every trip and the food is great (and so is Ken the waiter…he is soooo good at what he does, and so very happy!) I also sometimes get pizza or fried chicken to take back to the camper and that is good too :slight_smile:


Great food! Good prices. Go to the front of MK and take the boat to FW and enjoy!