Trailblazer's Spring Break Trip Report


I checked in at OKW Sunday Morning and my room was ready. From this point The Goofy Family and BDavis family all met at Magic Kingdom. They went and got FP’s for Splash Mountain. They convinced me to ride, as I hadn’t ever rode it before even though I have made 7 trips to Disney. It was a Blast and I didn’t get wet. Our first ride of the day was Jungle Cruise followed by Splash Mountain. We went and did Haunted Mansion while we waited for out FP’s. Then we ate at the Liberty Square food plaza, as we had reservations at Chef Mickey’s at 5:30. From this point we went on different rides till that time. So we left the park by monorail and went to Chef Mickey’s. That is where my nephew and family joined us as they flew in from Wisconsin that afternoon. There plane had been delayed 2 hours so they arrived at the parks late. The food was delicious. So at this point there were 13 of us to eat at Chef Mickey’s. After the meal we got back on the monorail and went back to Magic Kingdom, as my sister was flying in from Illinois and met me at the Fire Station. She rode the Disney Magical Express and checked in our room at OKW. Then we all met up and rode a number of rides in Fantasyland, Walked Main Street USA, Some rode Indy Speedway and Space Mountain .Kelsie (who is 8) didn’t feel well after that ride. She had been up since 4 in the morning and it was 10:30 at night by now. All of us watched the fireworks. We rode a couple of more rides and then they left for their room at All Stars. We went and rode the haunted mansion again and then we left the park about 1:30 am. The Goofy Family and BDavis family stayed later. The park was open till 3:00 am. We had a GREAT Day.

We got to the park and waited 30 minutes to ride Soarin. My sister was a little worried but loved it. Then we went and rode Spaceship Earth and Universe of Energy. When the others joined us we all rode it Soarin and my nephews’ 2 girls were so excited as it was their first time a squealed with delight. The Land food court is where we ate. After that we went to Figment, Honey I Shrunk the Audience. At this point some went and rood Test Track other went to Inventions. We wanted to see Turtle Talk with Crush but it was a long line. My sister and I walked around the countries at this point. At 5:30 10 of us met at Canada for dinner. It was very good. My nephew and family were not hungry at this point so we met them later and they went into Mexico and rode the boat. By now it was time to watch illuminations. After the show we went we caught the bus and went back to our rooms and swam.

All 14 of us met at MGM and rode the rides and watched the shows.(The Great Movie Ride, Jim Henson’s Muppet, Backlot Tour, Voyage of The Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast, Lights, Camera, Action, and One Man’s Dream.) It was a big day. I also had my picture standing under the umbrella. We ate at Hollywood and Vine around 5:30. Then at 7:30 we went and watched Fantasmic Show.

WednesdayAnimal Kingdom
We did the Safari Ride first and then split up and each did their own thing. My sister and I went to The Lion King , & Pocahontas. We ate at Flame Tree BBQ. The food was good. Then all of us did It’s Tough to be a Bug and the Flights of Wonder. We also watched the parade. It was Great! We all ate at Rainforest Café that evening at 6:00.

We were at Magic Kingdom when it opened at 8:00. Her son and family met us in the park and I ask them what they wanted to ride. They told me and we went from Winnie the Pooh, to Peter Pan, Snow White, and then to Mickey’s PhilarMagic Show. We also rode the Carrousel. We only had like a 5 minute waited on everything. After being in the park so many times I had them say where they wanted to be so I said follow me. They were so glad someone knew where things were and we didn’t waste time looking. Next we went to the Haunted Mansion, while my Nephew got FP’s for Splash Mountain. As it turned out he had tickets for Big Thunder Railroad. So we went through the Mansion and then Kyla and my nephew rode that ride while we went back over to Winnie the Pooh and then back to the Country Bears. Then we grabbed a bite to eat at Comic Ray’s my favorite place. After lunch we went to Mickey’s Toontown and the girls loved going though Mickey and Minnie’s house. Then we got on the WDW Railroad and rode around and went to Jungle Cruise. At this point my nephew decided to take the family back to the resort to rest for an hour as they were going to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ that evening. My sister and I grabbed a bite at Comic Rays and then headed for Downtown Disney. We got back to our room around 9:00.

Friday Our last day in the parks
My sister and I got up and went to Epcot to ride Soarin one last time on this trip. Then we got off of it and walked right over and got on Living with the Land. Then we left the park and went to MGM to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. From this point we went back to Magic Kingdom. We met the entire gang for lunch at the Crystal Palace. It was our first time for any of us to eat there and it was delicious!! After lunch we rode Buzz Lightyear, people mover, and Carrousel of Progress ,Tea Cups, and shopped on our way out. We moved in to Coronado Springs. My sister left the next morning on ME and had a good trip back home.

What a great trip everyone had!!!


What a great trip report, Mom!! We had so much fun with you! Can’t wait to do it again!!! :wub:


YAY!! Your 1st trip report!!! Such a great job…but I’m sure it was easy because we had such a great time!!! We covered a bunch of territory in 6 days and you covered most of it!! Can’t wait for our next trip together! :wub: :wub: Maybe we’ll get you on Everest! :noo:


Glad to hear you had such a good time! Great TR!


What a great trip…I’m glad you had a nice time!


great trip report


Sounds like you all got to do a lot! It must have been fun with so much family there. :slight_smile:
Great TR!!


Sounds like you had a great time, thank you for sharing it with us!


LOVED it! Great first report. I love hearing multiple versions of the same trip. (hint to bdavis and goofy family…are your reports done?) It gives you a different perspective…very interesting. Thank you very much for sharing you trip with us. I hope to see you posting more often now. :heart:


Ya-hoo! Nothing better than sharing the fun with family. Thanks for the trip report!!


Hmmm, thought no one would notice if I skipped a TR since Trailblazer & BDavis will pretty much cover it…I’ll have to see what DSis comes up with. Maybe I’ll get the kids to help me so we can have a childs-eye report.


Okay DSis…your turn! We’re waiting!!!


I’m thinking that between you and Mom, I’m covered…right??? :tongue:


Wrong!! We have been watching and waiting to see what you have to say. Sooooo when are we going to see your TR?


Sounds great!!! So where are the pictures??? hehe!