Trails End Buffet Ft Wilderness


Is it a hot spot? Do we need an ADR? Normally we are ADR people for places we want to dine. But we will be at Ft Wilderness for a carriage ride on December 15th at 7:30. Our plans are to go to AK for the day, then head over to Ft Wilderness. We thought about eating at TEB either before or after our carriage ride. Depending on when we get there. If we do not end up eating there…no big deal. I am sure we can find CS back at the resort. We just wanted to try it, but are not sure of what time we will eat !


It is my understanding that no ADRs are accepted there. I haven’t ever heard a bad review on the place, so it’s definately worth going to.


Thanks Dana! That will make things easier for us!


My pleasure.


Exactly what kind of “entertainment” do they have? DS wants to go there on our next trip.


From what I have read, I do not think there is any entertainment at Trail’s End. It is just a buffett. But since we will be in Fort Wilderness, I thought we would check it out.


OK, I had been staying at Fort Wilderness since the early 80’s and when we first started going to Trail’s End you definately didn’t need any reservations. I clearly remember walking up and never waiting for more than a few minutes. ALTHOUGH, Trail’s End seems to be growing in popularity, which is VERY well deserved. Breakfast there is YUMMY!!! The past 3 years we’ve made ADRs and upon arrival were glad we had them.
Trail’s End Buffet - Fort Wilderness


We have made ADR’s for Trails End every year we go. I would recommend it. Sometimes we have gotten there and it was really crowded… and other times you can walk right in. But… an ADR would be a good idea. It is one of our favorite out of the way places to eat. Great food!!


Sounds different will have to keep this one in mind.


Thanks for the info. I guess we will just play it by ear. If we get there early we will see how long the wait. If we do not get there early, we will try after our ride. If too long of a wait we will just skip it. If I knew what time we were going to be there I would make an ADR. But my kids really like AK and it is open until 6:00 that day. So if we are having a good time, we want to stay at AK as long as possible! We have a car so even if we leave Ak at 6:00, we have plenty of time to get to FW and take the internal bus over to the carriage ride area by Trail’s End


If you have time check out the campfire sing along and outdoor movie with chip and dale.


Sorry, I just realized I was confused with Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.


Great value! We always hit Trail’s End for breakfast once each trip and we’ve also eaten dinner there a couple of times. Prices are reasonable, the food is very good & we have not had to battle huge crowds.


Thanks! I had that in the back of my mine also! We did it a few years back and it was fun!


opps…for some reason I thought they didn’t take ADRs…so sorry for the misinformation on that one. Thanks wishy and daisee for correcting me.:heart:


I just checked the dining reservations for there on that day (I am killing time at work right now. :ninja:) and currently it’s pretty open throughout the evening, but having an ADR just in case never hurts. Especially if you know you are going to be there for sure.


Wow! Thank You!~ Maybe I will try yo guesstimate our time and make an ADR and hope it all works out !
Thanks again!


Im glad I saw this and glad it was asked!!! I think we are planning on eating there the day we get to WDW in Feb. Kinda like the check in, relax, eat there and maybe catch a parade!!! =) I look forward to eating there. YUMO!


This is one of my favorite restaurants. I would recommend to anyone going in December to do the wagon ride (which is different than a carriage ride). It usually will go through the loops, and the Christmas decorations that the campers put up are amazing. Normally I do breakfast or lunch there, but I had dinner twice last week - and it is one of my favorites. Remember that the chicken and ribs are the same as they serve at the Hoop De Doo! I need to work on a review with pics, but it is one restaurant that had never let me down. It isn’t a huge buffet, but there is plenty of food (and it doesn’t have two sides, like Chef Mickeys - which make other buffets look larger).



The food is great and it’s the least expensive dinner buffet on property. Just allow plenty of time to get there.