Trail's End


So this is not a recommendation from me but from my cousin and her family who just took their first trip to WDW.

They changed the dates of their trip and had to spend their first night at Fort Wilderness before heading to the WL. Just before they left, I made a breakfast ADR at Trail’s End for them for their first full day since I had heard good things about it and I knew they would need to eat!

Well, they gave rave reviews of the place! They called me that day and told me how good it was and now since they have been home, I have heard from all different members of their group (from my 10 year old goddaughter to my 62 year old aunt) that it was super delicious and probably one of the best values of their trip. When I asked my goddaughter what she ate there she told me that “She ate so much it would take her 15 minutes to list it all, but it was all super good!” They suggested we try to get over there during our trip the next week but we were not able to.

So there you go, a recommendation for Trail’s End Breakfast!


Trails End is my favorite restaurant on property! That is the one place I drag friends/family to, and they end up loving it as well.

The buffet looks smaller than others on property - but it’s not two-sided (like at Chef Mickeys, etc.). The food isn’t fancy, but it is home-type cooking comfort food, and shares the same kitchen as the Hoop-De-Doo. So, same chicken and cornbread - lower prices if you don’t want to see the show. :slight_smile:

I went twice last month with friends, probably 5 or 6 times this year so far.



We LOVE it too!


Ask for Ken or Donnell - they are my two favorite servers on Disney property!


Always great when we are camping. If you want a real relaxing evening on vacation, book trails end. Then book end your meal with nature trails, a carriage ride, drinks on the back porch, walk on the beach etc…


We had breakfast there and didn’t love it. I wonder if it’s because it was just such a trek to get there…


WE LOVE TRAILS END! I think it is one of the little secrets of Disney. Kinda off the beaten path. The food is great. The service is great. Just love it!


OH MY GOSH, I LOVE Trail’s End!! Breakfast there is just GREAT, I haven’t been there for dinner in probably over 10 years but we try to go for breakfast as many trips as possible! LOVE IT!!!


It’s not the California Grill but duh it’s not set up or supposed to be in that fashon. The service is excellent (think of all the kids to put up with!), the food is plentiful and tasty! Take a nice boat ride and enjoy the splendor of your memories of summer camp!


We never seem to eat there. We’ll have to try it this trip to FW.


I will have to try this place sometime.


:ohmy: Trails End has never been on my radar, ever.

It is number one on the list to try in January :closedeye


Always been one of our favorites. We eat there often. We love it!


Oh yum!! I just looked at the menu on allearsnet and it looks fantastic!!


And it’s only 11.99 for breakfast and 12.99 for lunch?!?!?! By WDW standards that’s amazing!


That’s exactly what my cousin said! They couldn’t believe what they got for their money there since everything in WDW is so pricey. I just saw them all yesterday and they are still raving about Trail’s End!

I’m going to have to add it to my list of places to try.


Shamed to say we’ve never eaten or been there- after reading all the good reviews on here its made us keen to give it a go.


We’ve only been there for dinner and it was fine. But I agree with you, the long trip to get there would counterbalance the taste of the meal for me. :pinch: I only go that far for HDDR. However, if I was staying at FW, I’m sure I’d appreciate that breakfast, and lunch, and dinner.


Have it booked for dinner on our Sept trip, plan to take the boat from magic kingdom to Fort Wildrness