Trails end


We’ll be staying at VWL in April and I was wondering if there is a way to walk to FW to go to Trail’s End Restaurant. I know there’s the boat, but was wondering if there’s another option. thanks!


Yes, there is a trail. It’s not a short walk but I think if you’re in reasonable shape it won’t be a problem for your family.


I don’t know how much guests are encouraged to hike between FW and WL, and I’m fairly certain it isn’t at all well lit, so I’d avoid it after dark regardless.

But that’s just me.

Besides, the boat landing is right next to the restaurants, so there’s that too.


It’s definitely not a short walk, but I have seen people do it. I have ridden my bike along the path. As Soundgod mentioned it should probably only be done when it it light out. There are plenty of deer along the path and that is a cool site to see!


At night I would not walk due to the level of lighting. If you are going for lunch or early evening dinner where the sun will be up when done you might want to consider renting bikes from WL and take the bike path. Leave 15-20 minutes to get their. It is a nice paved path that you can take. Last trip we rented bikes for about 4 hours and road from the Lodge to FW and road throughout the complex. Really relaxing. Be careful that you are on the bike path and not the service road between WL and FW. No need to get hit by a delivery truck while enjoying a peaceful bike ride.:eek:


I agree with everyone about going when it is light out. I have walked with a friend on this path and I found it quite delightful. He was tired out after!


Don’t even worry about walking. The is a bus that goes back and forth to for wilderness. You can also take it to the meadow for the campfire and movie. Catch it right back without even transferring. It was great.