We Are Coming Over On The 27th Of December My Dh Wants To See Some Trains Does Anyone Know Where Is A Good Place


I just wanted to say Welcome to DC! I love your DC Name! I’m not sure if you were talking about seeing trains in the Orlando area or WDW. If Orlando area I would search the web and maybe you can come up with something - but there has somebody around here who knows!! In WDW there is a small scale model train set up in Epcot near the Germany Pavillion and in the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom there are train rides. I can’t really think of any others. Hope you have fun here! :mickey:


Welcome to DC! It depends what kind of trains you are talking about. There are the monorails, which my boys believe are the best thing about WDW! Then there is Mickey’s steam train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the miniature train in Germany, that alicefan mentioned above as well as Rafiki’s planet watch at Animal Kingdom, that alicefan also mentioned!


Hi Thanks For Your Replies But I Was Meaning Real Trains,so He Can Escape For A Couple Of Hours While Me And My Dd Are At The Parks. So Will Try The Internet To See What I Can Find


There is a real train that goes around the magica kingdom…it’s quite cool. There is also a train at animal kingdom. Very relaxing to just ride on it and take in the sights. Welcome to dc.


The only trains that I know of outside of WDW are cargo trains or Amtrak, which is a passenger train, but is really only for transportation from one place to another, not really for just a ride. Also, there are no Subways or mass transit type trains if that is what you are thinking.

If you are going to be in the Magic Kingdom and he wants to come with you, the steam train that travels around the perimeter is a good one. It’s nice and slow and the gentle rocking motion is enough to put you to sleep. :sleeping:


We love this set! DH and I can always count on getting a rest on the bench while DD and DS watch these trains. They could stand there for 1/2 and hour just watching.