Transferring pts. - I need help


Transferring points seems extraordinarily complex, although it should be simple.

Does anyone have a guide as to how the transfer process works.

I have made a number of calls to QAM, Disney res., etc. and they seem to be confused when the issues are non-standard.

For example, If my use year begins in Apr. 05 and I transfer points to someone who has a Sept. 05 use year, when do these points expire?

Some people say Sept. 05 and some people say Apr. 05.

What if someone had a January use year and it is Feb. Does that mean that they can’t have points tranferred in?

Technically, you cannot transfer borrowed points. How do you transfer 2006 use year points if your points don’t begin until Dec. 2006? Some say that it doesn’t matter and you can transfer it anyway. Some say that since these are “borrowed” you can’t tranfer them at all.

Any help on these issues, or a possible sticky tread by the moderator would help.

Thanks all


WOW. This one gave me a headache. Welsome to DC and I will bet Mickey or one of the other DVC experts can fill you in.



Welcome to DC.

I wish I knew the answers to your questions but I really don’t know for sure. Have you tried discussing this with DVC Member Services? I agree with you that transferring points can be a bit sticky.

Thanks for your PM about my DVC Analysis posting. I will certainly be contacting you to discuss but work has been a bit crazy lately so I am catching up.


My sister & I have transferred points back and forth, we have different use years. Mine is Oct/her’s is June I believe. I had to write and fax a letter to DVC stating that I wanted to xfer points to her and give my info. She had to fax a letter stating she wanted to receive the points from me. If I remember correctly, she had to use the points prior to June 1st (the beginning of her use year)…which was ok, because we were using them for the end of May.
It’s been almost a year ago so my memory is a little fuzzy.


Yep, what she said! (thanks sis!)

by the way, make sure when you call, you dial 800-800-9800 press 3 for member services and then 3 again for DVC resorts.


Thanks! The details were just coming to me little by little.