Transport from Old Key West


Can anyone update me on transport from Old Key West? I have read all sorts of stuff online suggesting that the bus service is not as good as it used to be for these resorts. We have lots of ADR’s for meals at lots of different accommodations and they suggest we leave at least 2 hours to get to our destination! Is that true? Wow, we’d be better hiring a car! We’ll spend so long getting to and from our dining destinations if that’s the case and less time in the parks than we’d thought.
We will be there in August, so if you’ve stayed in Old Key West at this sort of time, can you tell us what to expect?
I am gaining so much valuable information from this wonderful website!
I hope my question helps others with planning too.


Here’s the story on bus transportation at WDW; there isn’t a bus route at WDW that doesn’t have a glitch now and then. OKW transportation is no worse than any other route. In many ways, it’s better, because it doesn’t share with any other resorts. No matter which resort you’re at, you’ll find posts complaining about the transportation. We have stayed at OKW at least a dozen times, and I can count on one hand how many times we’ve had problems. WDW is a huge place, people are eager to get to parks and resorts, so if something goes wrong in their plans, you hear about it. Two hours to get to your destination? Uh - no. That would be a SLIGHT exaggeration, unless there was an accident or unforseen circumstances. Generally allow yourself an hour. It takes approximately 15 minutes for the buses to circumnavigate the resort (there are 5 stops); once it leaves the property, depending on the park you are going to, it will take probably another 20 minutes (that is to the MK or AK). You will have to add some time if you have an ADR at a resort. For instance; if you are going to the Grand Floridian, Poly or Contemporary you will have to take a bus to the MK and then board the monorail (in the case of the Contemporary you would just have a short walk after getting off the bus).

What I guess I’m trying to say is don’t worry about it; you will, during your stay, probably wait longer for a bus than you thought (and this could happen at any resort or park), but it isn’t going to ruin your holiday and restaurants won’t cancel you ADR if you are 15 minutes late.

Relax. Enjoy.


Well said llama!! I agree completely. I too can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve had issues with bus transport. It is for the most part very reliable for how much transporting they actually do.


I’ll just throw out my two cents on this. In November we had way too many dining reservations at places where we were not spending the day. That was a huge mistake. We spent more time traveling than we did playing. From now on all my dining will be at the parks or resorts where we are spending the day. We did experience misinformation on how to get from point A to point B and spent almost 2 hours trying to get to one of our destinations. Being late for a reservation is anticipated by WDW and they will certainly accommodate reasonable late arrivals.


OK, that does reassure me a lot. Good that they have their own bus rather than sharing too! We will be relying on it heavily for a fortnight. It is our very first time, and I am picking up so much useful information well ahead of time! I think we too may have made the mistake of making too many dining reservations at places where we will not be in the day, but that’s just inexperience, and I figured that we just can’t keep going from early in the morning til late at night, we’d be exhausted. We’ll have to relax on the transport and dining and see all that as part of the holiday experience too. I wanted to try all the best restaurants! Can’t wait!!! Only one I haven’t been able to fit in is Ohana’s. I keep re-looking at the schedule wondering if I can fit it in, but its another long-haul bus ride and monorail etc. and we can’t do them all. Thanks for the advice.


Depending on where you are staying at OKW also may depend on where you should catch the bus. If you are close to the hospitality house and going at a crowded time I would get on the bus at Peninsular instead of the hospitality house so you are on the bus before the CROWD at the hospitality house gets on. You have to tour the resort but I would rather be on the bus then have to wait for the next one. And again I would also get off at Peninsular if you are close to the hospitality house since the walk is not too bad and you get off the crowded bus first.

We have stayed at all different parts of OKW and have never really had a problem with the bus service. Just like anything else sometimes the timing is off. I do like the fact that when you leave the parks at night that the line for the OKW bus is usually one of the shortest since as Llama said it doesn’t share it’s bus.

Have fun!!


I think you’ll be just fine using Disney transport. You’re doing so well getting everything sorted in advance and planning like you have is key to getting the most out of a WDW holiday. You have some great plans and great eating out choices.
Can I just add though, if you or the kids want to shop at any of the outlet malls, and take advantage of much cheaper branded American clothes than we have ( i.e Ralph Lauren, Levi, Nike, Hugo Boss, etc) then a taxi to these outlet malls is fairly reasonable and its only a short distance from WDW- there are always taxi’s outside the resort and at the malls there are always plenty of yellow cabs to take you back. Also they stay open fairly late so its always possible to fit an hour or two’s shopping in after a ‘quiet’ park day:flowers:


Shopping! Good idea!!


Dawn, whereabouts on site is Hospitality House? I’m hoping we get a quieter block on the registration side rather than near the motorway.


The hospitality house is on your right as soon as you come into the resort. Here is a link to the resort map

If you want quiet I would recommend a room off of Old Turtle Pond or South Point. It has always been very quiet there. Buildings 23-29 are also fine, you are far enough away that you don’t hear the traffic. I would avoid Miller Road due to the fact that the bus actually drives through one of the parking lots of those units.

Hope this helps :flowers:


And the other good thing…you are usually the 1st stop on the ME from the airport.


To avoid highway noise, avoid Buildings 21,22,38,39,41,42,49 and 50.

Buildings 49 through 56 are a very long walk to Hospitality House, the General Merchandise and the main pool.

Building 62 is probably the very best situated for bus stops; you can use either Peninsular Rd. or Hospitality House; you also have a good view of the fireworks from Epcot if you are on the 3rd floor.

Building 19 is probably the most secluded.

Buidings 45 and 46 front on the Sassagoula River.


We just stayed at OKW during Thanksgiving week and I too was nervous due to the many negative reviews I read. However, we had no problems at all with bus transportation and were pleased with the transportation. We LOVED OKW! Even during one of the busiest weeks of the year the transportation was great!


A word on what is and isn’t sharing of buses.
There is only one resort that has non stop service between a single stop and the destination and that’s Pop Century.
Even AKL now has two stops.
There is almost no difference between a bus that serves all 5 Crescent Lake (Epcot) resorts and a bus that serves the 5 stops in Port Orleans (rarely French Quarter gets their own buses), 5 stops at OKW, or 4 stops at CBR and CSR. In fact, probably the fastest true shared route is anything to Contemporary and Poly because under almost all routes, the Contemporary bus has to pass the Poly anyway because it must run down Seven Seas Lane to get around the TTC and the MK toll barrier.

The goal is to serve every stop in WDW once every 20 minutes.


I have stayed there twice and the transporation was MUCH improved the second time over the first. I would stay there again in a second and I am super picking about waiting to long for things.