Transport to the outlet malls


Does anyone know how, without a rental car, I can get from WDW to the Beltz Factory outlet mall?


You can get a taxi or hire a towncar to drop you off and pick you up. Try either quicksilver or tiffany’s.

Welcome to Disney central too by the way. Glad you found us!


Thanks for your answer and the welcome!
Any idea of the costs?


I am not certain. You can go to either ones website and request a quote. They may even have them listed for that location. It’s or Quicksilver has a link on the home page of this site. I am assuming that a cab will be either the same price or a little less. The towncar is better because you can arrange a pick up time with them and know that they will be there.


Orlando’s city bus system, called Lynx, has service to Disney World. I believe the main stop is at Downtown Disney, where you could get a bus that would take you to the Belz malls. Here’s the Lynx web site where you can get more information, or you can call them at 407-841-LYNX.