Transportation from AK


Has anyone taken the bus transportation from Animal Kingdom to EPCOT? If you have, is it direct service or does it require a transfer?

Thanks so much for your help:happy:


WDW trans goes from park to park by bus, boat or rail.


Thanks Mickeybug! So, it’s direct bus service? We are trying to figure out if we’ll need to change buses…


Do you mean from the park? Or the resort? I can not for the life of me remember how the park to park buses run.


DD and I have done that plenty of times. We like to do the countries in the afternoons and AK is only a half of a day for us. It’s direct transportation to Epcot from AK.


There is a direct park to park bus from Epcot to DHS, DHS to AK, and AK to Epcot.
There is a bus from each park to and from TTC and once at TTC, you have to change to a monorail or ferry to get to the MK. And of course, from Epcot to MK monorails with a change at TTC.
There are no buses from DTD to any park!
I can’t speak for the other destinations, but I know that the CSR-Epcot bus is also the designated bus between Epcot and Blizzard Beach.


Limsy…Yep…from park to park:happy:

Dana and Soundgod…Thank you very much! The park to park info is exactly what we needed:happy: