Transportation from Amtrak to WDW


I was wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions on the best/least expensive way to get from Amtrak Orlando to WDW? We are a family of 5 and will be staying in Disney for 10 days. We will also be going to SW,DC,and IOA and will need transportation to those parks as well.


For all the running around you’re going to be doing I’m guessing renting a car would be your best bet. If you hire a car service for each of your trips I bet you’ll spend more than you would if you just rented a car for your entire stay. If your day trips are all clustered together at the beginning or end of your trip you could rent a car and return it then rent another car (or hire a town car) for the trip to or from the station.

It sounds like you have a lot of plans for your trip. I hope you saved some time to just enjoy the resort. The pool is worth and entire day or several shorter visits during your trip. We try to plan on full day for relaxing at the pool and several afternoon breaks.


I do have a lot packed into the trip, but I do have a couple days with no plans so we could just relax or do whatever everyone would like to do. My only apprehension with the car rental is that I have to drive and know where I’m going…:confused: plus it has been a bit daunting on the car rental sites. I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing. We are leaving in almost 2 weeks and I have been putting this decision off till now!


Do you have a GPS you could throw in your suitcase? We have one we can move from car to car and it’s so nice when we don’t know where we’re going. If you don’t have one could you borrow one from a friend or family member? We’ve let more than one friend use ours when they we’re going on a trip and weren’t sure about where they were going.


Getting from one place to another is absolutely no problem. If there is one thing to say about signage in the Orlando area is that there are plenty of them. You will be given ample warning when your road is up ahead.


Rent through Priceline. Best deal I could find on any site was $39.00 for an economy. Priceline - $15.00.


I will definitely check out Priceline. Any suggestions on what size car for a family of 5? With suitcases etc., I don’t think we could do an economy car from the train station. The only way I could see that working would be to take Mears from the train station and then to rent a car for the outside parks. I wish there was Disney transportation from the train station, but its only from the airport.


We did the Amtrak once and took a cab to/from the train station to WDW and then Mears to/from Universal. Since you have more locations packed in there, I would go for renting a vehicle.


I’m going to compare the rental and Mears and see which one comes in least expensive with parking etc. Truthfully, I wish we were flying!!! My DH didn’t want to fly and really wanted to take the train. I thought about flying and meeting him there, but just didn’t feel right about doing that. He says that I will enjoy the countryside and can relax before and after the trip. I’m not sure if that is just his sales pitch or if he is telling the truth!?!:huh:I’m really praying its the truth!! I will let you all know when we get back.


We’ve also done the Amtrak way before and rented a car. Had it all set up ahead of time and they met us at the train station and brought us to the rental car place, then brought us back to the train station from the rental car place when it was time to leave. Only problem was every time we took Amtrak there was always at least a 1-3 hour delay in arrival time, but then you can just call them from the station or when you’re getting close, to let them know. It’s a long trip from Mass. to Florida this way!


We took the the train and 23 hours later we arrived. 26 to get home!! The scenery is horrible since the train travels on the outskirts of every town behind all the warehouses. We saw nothing of any beauty. The freight trains have priority on the tracks and we had to stop to let many of them go first. Never, never again. Many others have had great experiences, but not us. We’ll spend the $$$$ and fly or drive.

Hope you have better luck than us.


:crying: Oh, now you have me scared!!! It doesn’t sound like the train was a good experience at all for you. My DH has developed a fear of flying and after our last trip to WDW he was in a complete panic with the flight. I just didn’t want a repeat of that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the train. Yikes!!!:eek:


That was my experience, but you could experience something more enjoyable…me, not so much.


Rent the car and with a family of 5 with 14 days worth of luggage, make it a full sized car.
(Of course these days, a Camry or a Sonata are considered full sized).
Another thing you can think about if you live in the DC area or are within a 3 hour drive is the Autotrain.
This way, you can take your car with you.