Transportation from Bay Lake to Universal Studios


We were thinking of taking a day trip to Universal…how do you get there from Bay Lake Towers? We have no car. How much is a taxi?


You can arrange with the front desk for a cab or one of the transport services (Mears is one) that will pick up more than one party at WDW in a van or bus to take you.
You can even rent a car for a day. There are a few locations right on site and again, the front desk can help with that. This would be my choice as it will give you the most flexibility. But you do have to pay for parking. Add up the cost of all options and go with your gut after that.


Thanx Rich very helpful. How much would we be looking at $$$$$
for the transportation…taxi or rent a car


We drive since we are 5 hours away door to resort room. The one time I did lease a car was when Pam and the kids met me at WDW. After a conference I flew into Orlando the day before and leased a car for one day to pick pick up breakfast items, snacks and drinks for the unit. It was around $50.00 for a mid size 4 door. I picked it up at the airport and dropped it off the next morning at the Hilton in DTD.


Great info…thanx again ! Two in our party are real thrill ride riders and I guess the Disney rides just arent enough for them. I just cant wait to get there.


Consider Quicksilver Town Car Orlando airport transportation and Disney World transportation. . Their rate may be a touch more than the taxi, but I like having a scheduled pick up and drop off.


We rented a car over at the Dolphin for the day and it was quite reasonable. The fact that it is on property makes picking up and dropping off the car fairly easy.