Transportation from Old Key West


We are staying at OKW, and need transport for 4 1/2 days, when we are visiting Universal, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld and Discovery Cove.
Does anyone know whether it would work out cheaper to get a taxi for 4 x days or to hire? There are six in our party. I could probably hire for around $250. If I do choose to hire, is it best to choose to pick up at Dolphin resort or the Disney Car Care Location at Orlando? Where is that?
If we decide not to hire, does anyone know what Mears charges to do a run to each of those locations and back again?


Sorry, I meant to write £250.
$250 would have been very cheap!


I wish I could help with that question Linda, however, we always hire a car. But when we first went we used to have taxi’s but they became a little expensive partly because we do tons of shopping besides the attractions outside of WDW. And we also like to eat out at the Millenia Mall.
So, I am wondering if you’d be better hiring for the 4.5 days and then you can come and go as you wish. I would check out how much it would be to hire whilst your actually there rather than booking it here before you go. It may be cheaper to hire in the US than pre booking. We usually have our cars from Dollar as pick up is from OIA- but if you want yours in the middle of your holiday that wouldn’t be feasible.
I am sure someone else will also be able to help with hiring from Disney or Dolphin and with the Mears costs too.


Check the Mears site. There are other limo/taxi sites but this will give you and idea. Unless there is a big price.
We drive since we are 5 hrs door to door north of WDW. But I have rented when I arrived the day before DW from a business trip to allow flexability to stock the unit before her arrival. I personally like having my own car. We even drive to the parks many days to allow more flexability when park hopping.

Pro’s rent:
-The car/van is there at your schedule, no waiting
-You can go where ever you want if you finish early and explore more of WDW or Orlando (great for resort exploring)

Pro limo/taxi:
-No parking fees that need to be added onto the rental price. They can add up
-No need to worry about an accident driving on the other side of the road (Us crazy Yanks)
-No need to worry if the driver wants to partake in an adult beverage or two. Everyone can have fun. After all, it is a vacation