Transportation question around DTD


I want to plan a reservation at BBBoutique for my DD when we are there in December. I am thinking about doing it the day we have planned for MK and later, MVMCP. So, my question is: if we’re at WL (breakfast at roaring forks) and take a bus to DTD in the morning, can we catch a bus directly to MK from DTD or will we have to travel back to the resort? About how much time will that take out of our morning? We’re not real early risers!


From DTD you do have to catch a bus to a resort and transfer - I would obviously take a bus to one of the MK resorts and then do a boat or monorail. :heart: One time we waited over an hour for a bus to come to DTD to take us to the Boardwalk for breakfast at Cape May Cafe’. We actually grabbed a ride from a nice bus driver who was heading to another resort and took pity on us. It’s hard to say how long it would take because you never know what can happen. We always give ourselves at least an hour for transport when we have PS’s.


I agree, take the first MK resort bus that pulls up and then hop on the monorail to MK.


We had to take a bus to DD from MK but we had to take one to the hotel first in order to get back again- I was told that this is to prevent the free parking situation


Hmm, very interesting! I would have never thought about doing that (taking advantage of the free parking thing)!


yes, there once was buses from parks to DTD. Anyway, I agree with the crowd, grab the first WDW resort bus that comes along and hop on the monorail.