Transportation question---will this work?


One day we are planning to go to HS (hrs 9-7), go to dinner at CapeMay at 5, then go into Epcot and for a few hours. Now this is the question…if we left Epcot at 8:30ish and head back to HS, will we still be able catch a bus to AKL. It would be pushing that 2 hr after closing window for transportation.

We thought this would less crowded than walking thru Epcot and catching a bus.


Won’t work.
If DHS closes at 7 and buses run for a full two hours after park close, that only takes you to 9 PM. First, and most obviously, you’ll miss Illuminations, and I can’t understand why you’d leave 30 minutes early at that point. More important is that the boat will take you a good half hour to 40 minutes. So, even if you board the boat at 8:30 on the dot and it departs immediately, you will almost certainly miss the last bus. It also depends on where you are in Epcot. Even from parts of World Showcase, you’re probably faster going to the top of the park and getting a bus than going back to the boat and taking that 30 minute ride only to have to transfer to a bus. Consider, if you leave the park before Illuminations, you will be beating much of the crowd and will actually get home to the AKL sooner than returning by way of DHS’ bus station.
By the way, there is also a bus that runs between Epcot and DHS in addition to the boat.


I agree with Soundgod. I wouldn’t risk missing the last bus rather than take the bus at Epcot. AKL doesn’t share a bus so that is in your favor already.


Your idea sounds like a lot more work than just catching a resort bus at Epcot. I would rather wait in a longer bus line or work my way out of a park than worry about getting back to HS before the last bus.


We really wasn’t going to try for Illuminations that night. Frankly we’ve gotten spoiled with watching Illuminations and returning to BCV or BWV. We had planned to be in England to see the British Invasion. So our thinking was we are right by the “back door” would that be less walking and waiting for buses.


Our first plan was just to go back to HS and catch the bus. After being stuff at Cape May that still may hold true.


Jo-Jo, while England is right on top of the International Gateway, it is also on the short side of the path around the lagoon, so it is also a shorter walk to the top of the park than from say, Italy or Japan.
You only think it will be less waiting for buses until you remember that you’ll have to wait for the Friendship as well and then transfer at DHS to a bus, and that is a mid sized walk from the boat landing to the bus station.


Well, in the ever search of disney knowledge, I’ll walk thru Epcot and get the bus and send DH the boat/bus HS route. I’m sure it wouldn’t bother him at all to be stuck at HS. And see who makes it back to the room first. :tongue:


Real world experience here:
When I was tape happy and recording all the nighttime shows, there are several times I raced between DHS and Epcot after Fantasmic and before Illuminations.
I would take the boat to the first stop (Dolphin/Swan) and get out and walk so I could be sure to get to a taping spot in time. My wife would stay on the boat.
My feet beat the boat every single time and beat the boat badly (10-15 minutes).


Whatever you decide, double check the bus/boat/monorail times when you arrive. After a late dinner one night we thought we would take the boat from WL to MK and the bus home. Turned out the park was closing and a million people were leaving so we opted to take the monorail for fun to EPCOT and catch a bus from there thinking there would be less people. Luckily we ran the plan past a CM at the station and apparently, the last bus had left EPCOT already and monorails were ending service there so we would have been stuck! I thought World Showcase was open later than it was that night LOL! I now know to ASK before getting creative!


My two most memorable after dinner disasters were these:

  1. We ate at California Grill and buses from MK were running until midnight, which would have been fine if we hadn’t had to wait 45 minutes for our table because nobody would leave before fireworks, even though their meals were long finished and their checks long paid. Wound up having to take a taxi back to the Yacht because we didn’t finish dinner until 12:30. (MK closed at 10 that night)

  2. I ate dinner at Narcoossee’s and we were staying at the Contemporary. There’s only one way home from the GF, the resort monorail. Well, I finished my dinner at about 10:40 and I was extremely lucky to catch the last monorail of the night! If I hadn’t, I would have had to take the bus from GF to DTD and then return to the Contemporary from there, a trip that would surely take well over an hour. There is no walkway that goes all the way around Seven Seas Lagoon. If I was daring, I could have swam back to the Contemporary faster than that! (MK had closed at 9 that night and they were shutting down the monorail by 11)

That said, I strongly recommend just taking a bus from Epcot, especially if the Friendships have stopped servicing DHS when you’ve finished your meal.


Oh the memories…

We were staying at WL and had a late dinner at Cali Grill. When we finished dinner we raced to the boat dock to find that the last boat had just left. We had to take the bus from the Contemporary to DTD then back to Wilderness Lodge. It definetly put a damper on the evening. Dinner was great, getting back home not so much.


I had dinner at Bistro de Paris. It ran a little bit late, seeing how we didn’t get seated until the start of Illuminations. By the time we were done eating, it was 10:30. We caught the monorail to the TTC, but they shut it down right there. We were staying at the Contemporary. We walked to the Poly and got a cab.


I’m beginning to think that if we’re (all of us) are dining somewhere and absolutely need to finish our meal by such and such a time in order to get somewhere (especially transport before it shuts down!) that we need to tell our waiter/esses that we aboslutely must leave by X time. In fact, maybe we need to inform our maitre’ d when we check in at arrival.


Soundgod’s examples are why we enjoy having a car with us. But we drive down since it is the same exact time door to door (4.5 hours) as flying and using ME “if” ME is ready to leave the airport when we arrive in Orlando. Also w/ the AAA DIamond pass gets us up front parking at the parks and TiW free valet parking at the resorts. We avoid the late night no bus/monorail issue this way. Unless we have partied hard. Then we take a cab back to the resort and p/u the car the next day.


We always bring a car too…but, then, we’re only an hour and a half away from WDW


Dw and I could only wish.