Transportation-Sea World


Does any one have tips/suggestions for how to get from CBR to Sea World for four of us? I have a future marine biologist and I have to take her there.

Thanks, Anne


Check the phone book for taxis. That is what we did when we needed to get there from Disney property. It was pretty reasonable if I remember correctly.


I used Tiffany Towncars. They worked out perfectly. They picked me up at my resort and dropped me right off at the gates. I was also picked up later on at my choice of time and dropped right back off at my reosort. The total cost for the round trip was $50ish (can’t remember exactly) +tip.


I think that’s a pretty good deal!!! A regular taxi cab would probably be as much…and you get nice, DEPENDABLE Tiffany Towncars! :cool:


Good Morning, Dana! May I ask you the time frame of your day? We have a tendency to stay all-l-l-l day at Sea World.
Thanks, Anne


…How far in advance did you have to make your ressie with Tiffany? Half of our group wants to go, the other half isn’t sure. So, it may be a day before decision?

We usually go rope drop - lights out also. :sleep:

Here are their rates.


You know it’s bad enough when I talk to myself, but now I’m answering myself as well? :smile:

:cool: The heck with Tiffany. :cool:

Look what I found -

Getting to SeaWorld from Walt Disney World

The cheapest way is to take the city bus to SeaWorld from the Ticket and Transportation Center at Walt Disney World. The bus is #50 and the fare is $1.25 each way. The trip takes about 20 minutes. Be sure to ask the driver to let you off at the front gate of SeaWorld, and ask where to pick up the return bus (also #50). For schedules and further details, visit

The only bad thing about it, is getting from your resort to T&TC. But, you can’t argue with $2.50/round trip.


The fare went up on LYNX, its $1.50 now per person per ride. The down side is the long trip from your resort to the TTC, then the last bus leaves seaworld a little early. Plus you have a long walk across the seaworld parking lot. If it were me, I’d go with Mears or a towncar over this option, and I have done this route before, long story.