Transportation to Cirque De Soleil Show


We are planning to see the Cirque show for the first time on our upcoming trip in January. We will be leaving from the Boardwalk to go to the show and plan to attend the 6:00 show. We will be taking Disney transportation. What time should we figure on being at the bus stop and what stop do we get off at? Can you walk from where the show is to the marketplace area?


I try to allow an hour between pick up and drop off whenever I’m using Disney transportation…just to be on the safe side.
And, yes, you can walk to the marketplace…but it’s quite a walk!


You can take a boat from the west side over to the market place. save the hoof-in


Originally we planned to return to the BW or BC to eat at ESPN or Beaches and Cream following the show. Any suggestions if we decided to eat in the downtown disney area? And do these suggestions require ADR’s?


Get off at the second bus stop, That by Planet Hollywood. About 1 hr is a good time allowance from Boardwalk. It a little walk, West side is right there as you come out of Circus. Then there Pleasue Island you can walk thru then there The East end. From the circus to Rainforest Cafe on the east end is about 1/2 mile to 3/4, but if the water taxi is running you can hop on it and it will take you across the lake and let you off by the rain Forest Cafe.


The house of Blues is right across from Cirque. Wolfgang Puck isn’t far away and neither is Raglan Road. But we are walkers and don’t mind hoofing it anywhere at any time