Transportation to Kennedy Center


We are flying down this spring. What are my options for transportation to The Kennedy Space Center? Does Disney offer anything?


You can take a towncare (quicksilver or tiffany towncar) or a taxi. I don’t think that disney offers trasnportation there…I haven’t read it or heard of it anyway. I think going with a car service would be your best bet. It’s going to be about the same as a cab except you will be able to schedule your pick-up time for when you are done. Call your resort anyway just to be sure, but I don’t think they have any transportation offered to go there.
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You could also rent a car for the day. National and Alamo are right there on site at the car care center.


I’d just rent the car for the day. Plus, they’ve turned Kennedy Space Center into a $35 all day attraction and I’d rather have the flexibility of leaving when I want to. That really burns me, because I used to like just wandering through the vistor center even if I didn’t have time to take the tours or money to see the I-Max film.

Edit: Please don’t misunderstand me. You should go to visit KSC. But it is now more of a full day. I’d rent the car because it will allow you to be flexible and make a side trip to Cocoa Beach, and I’m sure a day’s rent will only run $60 while a towncar with driver for X hours will have to run more, especially with the 120 mile round trip.
I would check with your resort’s concierge and see if there are any tours that are offered to cruise/stay guests that you can join.