Transportation to Universal Studios


Does any transportation run from the Disney Resorts to Universal Studios?


Are you thinking of Universal Studios?


Oh, yes…I have my “Friday” brain working! I fixed my post…thanks!


I believe a taxi or rental car is the only way to get from disney to universal.


Since it’s not owned by DIsney they don’t provide transportation to it, they want you to stay in their parks and spend your money there.

You will have to have a car, take a taxi, or hire a car service. There’s also public transportation but I don’t have a clue how it works but I do know it doesn’t pick up at any Disney resorts, you may have to go to the Transportation and Ticket Center near MK and it might include at least one transfer.


Thanks for the info! We have never been to Florida so we were just trying to make the most of our time in order to see everything. We were just planning on using Disney’s Magical Express since there is plenty to keep us busy at the parks…a taxi may be the best way for us to venture out on our own, since it would probably be a rare event.


I know you didn’t really mean it but unless you stay for a month there’s no way you’ll be able to see everything. Heck, we stayed 2 weeks and just did WDW and still didn’t do everything. Pick a few things that you have to do and focus on those, save the rest for another trip because there will be another.


That is what I was thinking…once we get a taste of it, we will have to come back for more :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice!!


This is what I found on
"Disney does not offer transportation to Universal Studios, Sea World, or other attractions outside of the Disney World property. If you want to visit another park during your vacation, you will have to arrange your own transportation. Universal Studios just started offering a shuttle from the Disney Resorts to either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure for a small fee. You can also rent an Alamo Car Rental from the Walt Disney World Car Care Center for the day or you can also take a taxi. If you need help with your extra transportation or tickets to another Orlando attraction, just let your Disney Specialist know and they are happy to help.

Universal Studios also does not offer transportation to Disney World. If you are staying at Universal Studios and want to visit Disney World, you can take a taxi or rent a car. All of the Universal Studios Hotels have a Concierge Desk that can help you with your car rental right on property."

Hope this helps


Check it out and see which is more economical. You may find a one day car rental is cheaper than a taxi.


Last year we decided to visit universal Studios, so we hired a car when we booked our holiday. I think we used it at most three times. Twice to the universal sites and once to Sea World. The cost of the hire car was quite expensive

When we got back we sat down and worked out the price difference for hiring a car and getting taxis. And for us is was more than $200 cheaper to use a taxi when we needed it.

The transportation in Disney World is brilliant, and if your only thinking of visiting other places once or twice on your trip, then it propably isn’t worth the cost of a hire car.

Its can be different for each person, maybe do a little research to see which is more profitable to you.

Those extra $$$ you save, could buy a very nice keep sake!!



But DM, you’re comparing renting the car for your entire stay vs a one day rental. And visitors from the UK typically visit Orland for long periods of time.
I’ll bet a long term rental runs into big bucks!


But DM, you’re comparing renting the car for your entire stay vs a one day rental. And visitors from the UK typically visit Orland for long periods of time.

Ahhh I see!! Sorry i just assumed that it was for an whole stay. My bad.

I’ll bet a long term rental runs into big bucks!

Not sure of the exact value but its very expensive



well, we have never ever driven when we vaction at WDW and always tend to use Mears for our transportation to the Universal Parks and Seaworld etc and have always found them very reasonable. I think we paid about $20 each return so we did not think that too pricey at all. They were always on time and we knew exactly who we were dealing with. Very simple at Universal too as there is a Mears rep there for you to make sure you are taken care of.


Well, you could always walk, ride a bike, hitchhike, get an extraction with a helicopter, rollerblade, skateboard, steal a bus or other Disney transportation including golf carts or the transportation trams at the theme parks!!! But, I’d agree. Those are the only viable transportation methods from Disney to Universal (or any other competing park/attraction to WDW).


oooooooo I would love to steal ( ah hem sorry borrow…:blush: ) a Disney golf buggy to drive around in. I had a blast driving one in Eagle pines when my DH was playing a round of golf a few years back!:laugh: