Transportation to Universal


Hi Everyone! We are going to Universal for 3 nights and then off to Disney for a week in November. My question is…what is the best way to get to Universal from the Airport, and then from Universal to Disney? I have looked at cabs, but I am not sure if there is something better out there. Can you guys help me?


We have always used scheduled transportation, rather than a taxi. And, usually with scheduled transportation you can get a stop at the store.

visit and they have some deals for some services. You should check out prices.

In the end, it may be cheapest to just rent a vehicle while you are there.

Have fun!


I agree about renting a vehicle if you’re going to both WDW and the U-word. We like relying on WDW transportation, but having the freedom to venture off-site is nice as well.


I don’t know about renting a car at Universal but I do know it is super easy and convenient to return a car at WDW. We were staying at BWV so we dropped it off at the Swan and then walked back to BWV. Even if you were not staying at an Epcot resort you are close to the Boardwalk, Epcot, and DHS, all of which have bus stops.


No Idea what would be good for you but i would conceder-


lots of pros and cons


Thanks everyone. I don’t want to rent a car because once we are at Disney, we don’t leave, and to pay for parking everyday is not good for us. I will keep checking for info. Thanks again.


If it was me, I would book a transfer to universal from the airport, probably with Mears (you can get a $$ estimation on their website) or Tiffany TownCars (They have a full list of prices on their website too), then I would pre-book again for the transfer between Universal and Disney. You’ll have all your suitcases and shopping etc so the quicker the transfer the better really!