Transportation to/from boat


Does anyone know if the busses will bring you back to the resort and if they would drop off at a resort other than those that are offered via the land and sea?

We are staying at AKL so that is no big deal getting to the boat but we are staying at ASM after the boat and I need to know how I can get to the resort from the boat.


It it my understanding that there is a Disney cruise line bus that takes you to and from the boat and resorts. I think they stop at all the resorts just like ME, but am not 100% certain on that. You should call and confirm for certain.


kind of what Im hoping- when not sharing the travel costs with my brother we cant afford Quicksilver this time- :frowning:


We were able to rent a cheap car from Budget that we picked up from the airport and returned it to the cruise line location with no drop off fee and the total car rental was $27.00. So it was much cheaper to rent the car than from us to pay for two round trips on the disney bus.
Plus we had the freedom to leave when we wanted.