Transporting "Beverages"


Just recently I had been informed that you can take beverages with your flight as long as they are in checked bags. For the life of me, it had never occurred to me that you would be able to do that. So, with my new found knowledge, I’m looking to increase it with what’s the best way to transport it. With my luck, a nice bottle of red wine would break and ruin all my clothing. I’m assuming there is a safe way to avoid that from happening, but have no clue what that is. So, looking for everyone’s input of fail safe ways to get me my wine to my favorite place!:happy:


For a small fee I will hand deliver you a bottle of red wine.


Love that idea. Great new job opportunity, providing acoholic beverages to all the visiting Mousebuzzers. That should keep you employed for years upon years!


Nice bottle of wine: pack it between sex rolls of nice toilet paper, since good toilet paper seems to be in short supply at WDW resorts :laugh:


We have transported liquids in the case to avoid the restrictions on liquid in hand baggage, but it is a huge risk. We have had perfume/ after shaves break before because the baggage handlers are not known for their gentle handling of luggage!


I don’t think I would attempt this. Baggage compartments are not pressurized the same way the passenger cabins are. I think its a red wine flood waiting to happen!

Tiggers delivery service just might be your best bet!


I think i’m jealous. My TP is just the plain boring stuff, would love to try the sexy type. :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Ok we got sex and wine in the luggage, not sure I need to know more then that…

On the other hand I believe they still sell boxes of wine, just say’n.



I would hate to hear what you do with a bottle of Vodka!

(Really I have no idea what you are talking about it just should way out of my league…)



I fear that the gas down there and back would cost more than the wine at this point but let me know if I can help.


Where do we go to get these sex rolls?


By my house Micheal’s sells a gift box for bottles of wine. They look pretty sturdy, if you could find something like that and the wrap clothes around the wine boxes, it might cushion them enough so they make it to WDW in one piece.


I would not risk a botle of wine or liquor in my suitcase. I have seen too many thrown and/or dropped. What a mess that would be.

Unless you have a reason to hope for a broken bottle of red wine everywhere. Say a new Disney wardrobe at the airlines expense.


Can you tell me where to buy said TP??:blush:


lol, OMGawd, I am surprised a moderator hasn’t shut me down and put me in time out yet.

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It sounds like SWA can help you with packaging at an affordable price. I haven’t checked other sites but maybe other airline offer similar packaging.

Special Luggage


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So many jokes, so little time…

I do think we may have a new contender to the title of Super Packer…:pinch:


Transporting beverages in a bagage compartment is not a problem. Baggage handlers are more of the problem. Well packed you are PROBALLY ok but…

Plus you are looking at adding weight to your bag. Considering the charges for overweight bags, etc a grocery stop is much easier and possibly much cheaper!


[QUOTE=Dopey;1106989]lol, OMGawd, I am surprised a moderator hasn’t shut me down and put me in time out yet.

Sorry :laugh::laugh:[/QUOTE]

Are you EVER sober when you post? :confused:

Why not just FedEx yourself the wine? Then you have no fears of ruined clothes and etc. I’ve SEEN how they treat luggage, and I wouldn’t trust a glass bottle in my suitcase.


I have packed a bottle of wine in my luggage a few times, and (as of yet) none have broken. What I do is wrap the bottle in bubble wrap and then clothes.