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Hi everyone. It’s me again, the newbie with the never ending questions and concerns…
I have gotten 2 quotes back for our Sept/Oct trip. Still no word from Mouseketrips (put the request in over a week ago) I have also sent a follow up e-mail. Any idea how long this takes or should I go with another quote? I keep holding out because you all rave about Mouseketrips but I also don’t want to miss out on making all of our reservations and dining plans.
I know someone mentioned the guy in charge of Mouseketrips was out of town, so I understand the delay, I just don’t know how much longer I should wait!
Thanks again, and I hope I don’t sounds like a nag (which I know I can be at times)
Tia :whistling


Have you thought about booking your trip on your own? I usually book everything on my own and actually have fun doing it.


Like through WD or just here and there through the internet?
I looked on the WD site and they quoted me around 300 more than an agency.
I like planning (again note my super need to be in control) but I just thought having someone to walk me through it would help too. I am looking at $1007.65 for Pop and base tickets and free DP. Add 80 for hoppers and of course Air fare. This is for 9/30 - 10/7
Any tips or advise would be great.


I always call WDW and book over the phone and they are wonderful about helping me get what I want. I’m not sure about the $300 difference between the TA and WD site.


I waited a very long time for Mouseketrips too so I booked through AAA. They turned out to be cheaper. The Disney website seemed to be about $200 more than what I booked through AAA.


Email can be iffy with Mouseketrips. Seem to have a lot of different server problems.

So I pick up the phone… and I always get a cheerful voice and great service.

My number 1 reason for going through a travel agency is that if/when discounts come out, they automatically book them for you. I don’t have to be paying attention every second (okay, I DO pay attention every second, but, you know, there’s always a possibility there might be something shiny and I lose my focus!), and I don’t have to be on the phone first thing in the morning to make sure I get my discount. AAA doesn’t do that.


I’ve booked all 3 of our trips and our in-laws trip. I’ve gone through Expedia, Disney and also pieced it together. My quote from Mouseketrips was the same as the cheapest price I found. For me, finding the best deals and working it out myself is part of the fun! Good luck with whatever you decide!


Thank you all for the help. I am really pleased with one lady so far. I got a good vibe and her first few e-mails were very well thought out and organized (which I loved). She was also prompt with responses to my questions.
Although it would be interesting to see what Mouseketrips has to offer, I am pretty confident I found a keeper. Plus there is still so much more to plan! I got the Unofficial Guide today and wow… what a great thing to have around!
Thanks again for the help and I will let you know how the plans unfold!
You guys really are the best, thanks so much!


Give another shout out to Keith at Mouseketrips. We also had some email issues, but I knew when I had not heard from him in three days that something got lost in space and true enough it had. He had responded but I had never received it. Got back in touch with him today and he now has my trip on hold and we will finalize it in the morning.
If you decide to go with an unknown, be sure that you going with reputable person.


So happy… Keith just sent me a private message explaining the situation. He said he would get me some info tomorrow. So I look forward to reading it over.
Seems like the other 2 are VERY reputable. But like I said, I will see what Mouseketrips has to offer. I have heard nothing but wonderful comments about them!


Definately give Mouseketrips a chance. They got us the Contemporary tower when no one else could! :wub:


Keith from Mouseketrips has been very quick. He got back to me within 15 minutes both times I emailed him this week. There must be something happening because he is on top of things.