Travel Agent said I could book 180 days out


I thought for sure it was 90 days - am I wrong?


Your TA may be a little behind the times, as far as I know it’s 90 days out for everyone now.


Ninety days is correct. At the 90 from your check in date, you can book like 10 days ahead with a reservation number so staying on site it’s more like 100 days.


Thats right 90 Days plus up to 10 days of your vacation = 100 Days, Although the message on the Disney phone when you ring for ADR’s say you can now book from 90 days from your check in for your entire stay - sadly this is not true it is 90 + 10:angry:


It’s not, however, 100 days from your check-in date. 90 days from your check-in is the earliest you can book. With a reservation you can book up to an additional 10 days, so unless you’re trip is longer than 10 days, you can make all your ADR’s at your 90 day mark. Good luck!